Blotter | Cal Anderson pistol robbery suspect eludes police after car chase

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  • Armed robbery and car chase: Police — and the victims — unsuccessfully chased the getaway car through the streets of Capitol Hill and the Central District following an early Wednesday armed robbery near Cal Anderson Park. Police were called to the area around 12:20 AM as the victims said they were in their car following a black Chrysler used as the getaway following the gunpoint robbery at 11th and E Olive St. Police found the cars in the Rancho Bravo parking lot where the victims reportedly yelled, “Those guys just robbed us!”The Chrysler sped away as the SPD cruiser arrived. SPD pursued the vehicle on Madison and on to the Central District at speeds around 40 MPH, according to SPD radio dispatches. The car was found empty near 27th and Marion. A SPD K9 unit attempted to track the suspects including the robber who brandished a silver pistol during the hold-up described as black male in his 30s wearing a black Carhartt-type jacket and khaki sweats. The K9 unit followed a possible track to an area near 27th and Spring but the suspects could not be located.
  • 19th/John bus stop mugging: Police were also called late Tuesday night to another mugging reported near the bus stop at 19th and John. Details are thin at this point but we know police were called to the bus stop around 11:45 PM for the the 11:30 PM street robbery. Last week, a woman had her purse snatched as she attempted to enter an apartment building near the intersection.
  • DUI: The East Precinct has been racking up DUI arrests in June and the trend appears to have continued this week with three people facing charges following Capitol Hill pullovers. The arrested include a health and wellness coach stopped in the 900 block of E Pike early Monday morning, a bar employee busted a few hours later at Belmont and Pine and an early morning Tuesday arrest of a Boeing executive at Summit and Pine.
  • Tagger assault: A passerby who confronted a tagger at 15th and Thomas early last Saturday morning told police the suspect hit him in the head with the spray can and fled the scene. According to the SPD report on the incident, the victim said he was walking near 15th and Thomas around 2:45 AM when he saw the suspect using the spray paint. The victim told police he “approached the suspect and told him he should stop tagging,” according to the SPD report. The victim said the suspect then swung the spray can at him, striking the victim in the head. The victim suffered a laceration above his eye and was treated by Seattle Fire at the scene. A search for the graffiti artist was not successful.
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11 thoughts on “Blotter | Cal Anderson pistol robbery suspect eludes police after car chase

  1. The person who confronted the tagger should *not* have confronted the tagger and instead should have called 911 to report the tagging in progress. Not at 2:45 and really never.

    • It’s cute that you think the police would prioritize a tagging call at bar time on the hill. If no one speaks up and out against petty crime, the perps will continue to get away with it. Sorry this fellow got a cut on his noggin for doing the right thing.

      • I’m glad that you feel brave enough to challenge someone who’s obviously breaking the law to take things into your own hands. I guess you think property damage isn’t enough of a serious thing that you believe it’s not worth involving the police. I gather you wouldn’t mind a paint can to the head by the miscreant who was tagging, eh?

      • I agree with you in principle, Joseph. But, unfortunately, it is true that by the time the police responded (if at all) the tagger would be long gone.

    • Yes, the house at 27th and Spring is very well known to anyone who was a reader of the former Central District News website.

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