Capitol Hill smash and grab burglar(s) probably won’t get away with it much longer

The rock-to-window method of breaking and entry ranks among the least sophisticated of heists, leading some in SPD’s East Precinct to believe Capitol Hill’s recent wave of smash and grab robberies may trace back to a soon-to-be caught suspect or group of suspects.

“Historically they are traced back to a group or single person,” said SPD spokesperson Patrick Michaud. “Some guys do it as a single person deal, but it tends to be riskier.”

The break-ins started last week with at least three reports of broken glass and stolen items at Capitol Hill shops, including E Olive Way’s Holy Smoke, 15th Ave E’s Shop Rite, and 19th Ave E’s Cone & Steiner in the unlucky group. Cone & Steiner lost a laptop and cash in its smash and grab.

The 19th Ave specialty grocer was then victimized again when owners found their door shattered early Friday morning. No word if the break-in included any stolen goods. On Sunday morning 15th Ave’s Cafe Ladro was targeted, but the perpetrator didn’t make off with any money.

The thefts — so far — pale in comparison to the $30,000 burglary of a 19th and Aloha flower shop in May.

Michaud said local businesses should try to keep at least a few lights on overnight and purchase a safe for cash and other valuable items to help prevent break-ins.

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6 thoughts on “Capitol Hill smash and grab burglar(s) probably won’t get away with it much longer

  1. Its summer, drifters come into the area from Northern California and Oregon and probably a few other parts of the hinterlands. The weather here isn’t as hot and the social services are good. Some of these people are minor criminals and do stuff like this. There has been an uptick in broken car windows in my neighborhood that is sadly normal with the onset of summer. These burglers will get caught or move on back to where they came from, whichever comes first,

    • When I spoke to the police about this after a break-in at my home, they said that the uptick in crime goes hand in hand with school getting out. They said almost to the day.

  2. Crimepayz-Thank you for your valuable contribution. And for leaving the neighborhood. How lucky you are to have moved on and no longer need to live in a crime ridden ‘shithole’. Are you now residing in crime free Buckingham Palace? Mar-a-lago? The Vatican?

    • Haha – you’re welcome! I’m glad I could move out so that you twits can continue to live in crime and filth. The last straw was when I went to my carport and saw a homeless drunk bum passed out next to my ride. Lovely!

      I hope you’re enjoying all the violence: the smash-and-grabs, the robberies, the drunk bums terrorizing people, and of course all the sponges…you know, the 20-something losers who are “homeless” but can somehow afford meth and guitars.

      Have a great day! Enjoy the sun for the next 17 days LOL