CHS Pics | Traffic jam at Malden and Mercer

(Image: j_alldredge via Twitter)

(Image: j_alldredge via Twitter)

Given the level of crazy happening on Seattle roadways in recent weeks (see examples via Twitter, below), finding a Sound Transit Route 545 stuck at the tiny roundabout intersection of E Mercer and Malden (map) on a sunny Wednesday morning was only a little surprising.

Thanks for pic, tipster Liz!

Thanks for pic, tipster Liz!

Tuesday night, a crash-caused closure of Highway 99 sent streams of cars onto downtown streets and clogged up many neighborhoods in the rest of the city.

Wednesday’s wayward 545 was way way ward — we’re going to guess the driver got confused down around I-5. You can see the standard 545 route here.

There was a new operator who got off route, which caused a delay,” a Sound Transit rep tells CHS.

In the meantime, get read for more insane moments on Seattle’s fragile surface street infrastructure. Some help is coming. And coming. And coming.

3 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Traffic jam at Malden and Mercer

  1. I was on a 10 bus going downtown that picked up several refugees from the wayward 545. According to the riders, this is not the first time a driver on that route has gotten lost.

  2. That is incredible that a bus would even attempt to turn on Malden/Mercer. Those streets are so narrow and filled with parked cars that turning is extra tight as is.

    Do these buses not have GPS?