Man stabbed after reported fight at Broadway and Pike

Seattle Police found a male victim with stab wounds to his back after a fight at Broadway and Pike early Thursday morning.

UPDATE: The 61-year-old stabbing victim was treated and released from Harborview on Thursday morning, according to a hospital spokesperson.

According to East Precinct radio dispatches, officers were called to the area to a report of a group in an altercation at the intersection just after 2 AM. One person in the fight described as a white male possibly in his 40s was reported to have fallen to the ground before he got up and started walking southbound from the scene on Broadway. UPDATE: A report on the incident released by SPD Thursday morning says the victim is a 61-year-old man from out of state. Police say the victim reportedly got into an argument on E Pike and was stabbed in the back, beat with a skateboard and struck on the head with a bottle.

Police are looking for multiple suspects in the assault:

1. A white male in his 20s, 6’3, 200 pounds, long blonde hair, wearing a black hoodie and carrying a skateboard.

2. A white male in his 20s, 5’10, thin build, possibly wearing a white shirt and black. (Suspect with the knife).

3. A white female in her 20s, stocky build, 5’5, 150 pounds, dark hair, wearing black pants and black shoes.

These three suspects were accompanied by another white female and white male, both in their 20s.

According to radio dispatches, an arriving officer found the victim and immediately called Seattle Fire to the scene reporting the male had suffered three stab wounds to his back. The victim was reported to be alert and conscious despite his injuries. A relative was reportedly at the scene with the victim.

The suspect was described only as a white male wearing a black sweatshirt and carrying a skateboard. He was last seen with a group of two other males and two females headed west on Pike from the intersection. There were no immediate arrests and we do not have an update on the victim’s condition.

SPD reported that an adult male was found by witnesses with multiple stab wounds and transported to Harborview in serious condition and the suspect remained at large as of 2:47 AM.

UPDATE: Here is the full report from SPD:

Five suspects being sought in the brutal attack of a man on Capitol Hill last night. On 6/19/14, shortly after 2:00 a.m., the 61-year-old victim was walking in the 900 block of E. Pike St. when two white males approached him and exchanged words with the victim. The suspects walked away and the victim followed westbound to the southeast corner of Broadway and E. Pike.

At this point one man and two women joined the two suspects and surrounded the victim. One of the suspects- described as a white male, wearing a black hoodie and carrying a skateboard- struck the man across the head with the skateboard. A second suspect reportedly pulled a knife and stabbed the victim in the back.

According to witnesses a third suspect struck the victim on the left side of his head with a bottle causing a severe laceration. The suspects then knocked the victim to the ground and punched and kicked him before fleeing eastbound on E. Pike St.

Officers conducted an area check for the suspects with negative results. Medics transported the 61-year-old to Harborview with a single stab wound to the lower left back and cuts to the left side of his head.

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25 thoughts on “Man stabbed after reported fight at Broadway and Pike

  1. Ill repeat what I said in last weeks article about the brawl at the Shell station. Why were police called to the scene? Knowing what a trouble spot this corner is, why weren’t they already there? Not whiz zing by in their cars. Not riding on their bikes. Just standing there and at the ready. Not just one. Half a dozen. One at each corner and two more walking around the side streets. Starting at 10pm and there until 2am and beyond. Can’t spare half a dozen? How about 3? Or even just one. ON FOOT PATROL.

    • Agree completely, Miles. That area seems to have become a crime magnet, with at least weekly reports of serious incidents there.

      • Putting the police at that intersection will only push the people causing problems to another block not so well lit. Our city and neighborhood has become a magnet for the people we’re complaining about.

    • Because we don’t live in a paramilitary state. I’d rather not see armed police officers standing on every corner looking to pick a fight. I’m far more afraid of our racist, trigger happy police than I am of any drunks brawling after they get out of the bars. Chicago is a police state and it doesn’t do anything to curb violence there.

    • Miles, you are so right. There are places in this city that need visible officers and we all know what areas those are. We have a invisible police department that you can only see when something has already happened. Very reactive.

  2. To iluvcaphill: oh puhleeze. Yeah, every cop out there is racist and trigger happy. Perhaps you need to go to some fechachteh Shangri La and go live underground in a bunker with your paramilitary paranoia. The next time I’m walking home and some tweaker follows me spitting on the back of my coat or the next time I’m on my bike and a bunch of teens throw beer bottles at me while shouting “faggot”, I would appreciate a cop. Armed or otherwise. Am I supposed to walk up to those teens and gently request that everyone just play nice? What world do you live in?

    • I’ve lived here on the hill for 20 years and have never been harassed, spit on, called a faggot or whatever in that entire time. For a city its size Seattle is extremely safe. If you feel so threatened why do you still live on the hill? All this fear mongering about gay bashing and street crime is nonsense. It was way worse in the 90’s.

      I’m just not buying it. I don’t think we need to turn Capitol Hill into a military junta. If you don’t feel safe, move. More police doesn’t mean safer streets. It just means more harassment and violations of civil rights.

      • Dude… it’s not about feeling safe. It’s about being safe.

        People have a right to be able to walk down the street without being stabbed in the back.

        I’ve lived on CapHill for 20 years too. Yes, the 90s were a lot worse than the 2000s. Still, I don’t remember 50 people brawls, a stabbing, and a gay bash happening on the same corner in less than a 2 week period. How are these things OK?

        Just because you’re not being harassed doesn’t mean others aren’t.

  3. And to Calhoun: thank you. Nice to be appreciated (for the second time). Please marry me. Oh. Wait. What’s you’re income? Streisand or Midler? Brahms or Schoenberg? 3 Bdrm in West Village or cottage on Orcas? What’s you’re income? Are you a guy or a goil? Boxers or briefs? What’s you’re income?

    • Thanks for the humor, Miles! It’s nice to get a positive comment here, as normally I just get nasty remarks complaining about my opinions.

      I’m a guy, but I’m not going to answer your other questions (ha!).

  4. Actually one of those incidents occurred on Queen Anne. The 4 others I didn’t mentioned occurred there or Madrona. So you think I should move? Where? A safe place? In America? Are you kidding? Name that place. Columbine? Newtown? Or any one of a zillion charming bucolic hamlets in this country where the shocked neighbors report after some grisly crime “that’s not the kind of thing that happens here-he was such a good neighbor-that’s not what we’re about here in Happyhappytown”.
    Move off the hill. You’re funny. Delusional, but funny.

    And Seattle is not safe. New York feels a whole lot safer. Lived there 40 years-had one ugly incident. Cops on the beat everywhere. I knew them by name-even the cops in plainclothes I wasn’t supposed to know were cops. Please spare me the “move back to NY”. I’ve heard it so many times, usually by the conversationally cornered. Yikes! There’s a military junta outside my house! Good lid maybe you’re onto something! Oh never mind. Just a bunch of young uns with camouflage sneakers and pants. So, tateleh, bubeleh, bye bye-gonna go write to some Earthlings.

    • Actually, Seattle has an ever so slightly higher violent crime rate than Chicago if you look at the national crime statistics. It has about the same rate as New York City. So, to say Seattle is a “safe city” either means you’ve only lived in extremely high crime ridden cities like Compton or Detroit, or you live in la-la land. Just because Seattle is pretty doesn’t mean it’s safe. It was a lot safe several decades ago but those days are long gone. What ever happened to the Q-Patrol and Guardian Angels? Although in this particular situation it sounds like the “victim” was fighting with his attackers and initially pursued them. Not good judgement. I find the best self defense is don’t poke the tweakers.

      • That’s not even remotely true. Chicago is one of the highest crime cities in the country if not the word. New York is far safer than Chicago. Nice try, but total BS. Seattle is consistently rated one of if not the safest “major” cities in the nation. We barely have any crime compared to most cities our size.

    • Since Miles lived in NYC for 40 years, and now Seattle, he has somewhat unique insight into which city feels safer, and I think his observation should be respected.

      I love your statement, Miles, that those who are constantly advising others to “move elsewhere” are really just “conversationally cornered.” Truer words never spoken!

  5. I got beat up by some kids in that parking lot about five years ago. It was 1:30am on a Saturday night, I was drunk, and I wasn’t surprised. I was a bit disheartened nobody stopped to help me as I screamed, “these kids are seriously beating me up!,” but whatever.

  6. Week after week we hear about violence at that intersection. I agree that the police really should start looking at the numbers and maybe try to do something PROACTIVE to stop all this crime for once.

  7. With some of the policies put in place due to the DOJ investigation, proactive police work has become a bit more challenging.

  8. Proactive policing is more challenging because of the investigation? Where is the challenge? One cop on Pike and Bway at QFC. One at the gas station. One checking the dumpster and lot behind St Johns. One just strolling. Too many? No manpower available? How about just two? This is a challenge? Bubbemeiser!

  9. I too am surprised at the fact that we do not have beat cops on foot in this area, given the frequency of small- to medium-size crimes. If people aren’t afraid to jump someone a couple blocks from the police station, that says something about the efficacy of the police force.

  10. Camera the entire street 24/7
    Live video feed on line at the city web page.
    And when they are caught a free ride out of town
    And not welcome back ever.

  11. There simply aren’t enough east precinct officers. Good news, criminals and hooligans, there are about 3 officers on pike and pine any given Saturday night. And at least one is tied up filling out paperwork.
    Call the mayor. Bitch to him.

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