Neighborhood poet to be remembered with 15th Ave procession

Kimes was featured in this 2013 Hill Style post on CHS

Kimes was featured in this 2013 Hill Style post on CHS

A 15th Ave character will be remembered late next month as friends and loved ones gather to remember poet Marion Kimes and march together along a path she knew well:

We will converge in front of Coastal Kitchen and proceed along 15th Avenue, stopping along the way at Marion’s various haunts/places she lived, petting cats, picking up trash, etc.

Kimes died this spring at 84 while traveling:

She showed by example how a poet should engage in the world and I’ll never forget her kind, sharp guidance for me and her commitment to Red Sky week after week for years. She died on March 31, 2014, in Dhaka, India. Rest well, Marion. You’ll be missed.

CHS featured Kimes in a peculiar but appropriate enough way in this May 2013 Hill Style street fashion post.

More details on her July 27th memorial are below.



6 thoughts on “Neighborhood poet to be remembered with 15th Ave procession

  1. It was a delight seeing her each morning as she made way to Coastal Kitchen through alley where she lived. She would always pick some trash along the way or take the time to admire the roses — She will be missed.

  2. She was an absolutely wonderful person and poet. A regular at the Bagel Deli when I worked there in the early 90s, as well as a regular reader at Red Sky Poetry Theatre, which took place the last of its 25 years at The Globe Cafe on 14th Ave. I was sad to hear that she passed away but she will live on in the minds and hearts of many. Those were beautiful days, made even more memorable by the presence of folks like Marion.

  3. My daughter and I saw the sidewalk chalk yesterday in front of the tiny house on our alley letting us know Marion had lived there – was lovely to share a bit of her story with my young daughter and help her feel connected to such an inspiring life. Thank you.

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