One arrest after man stabbed inside E John apartment

One person was taken into custody at 13th and John -- thanks to a CHS reader for the photo

One person was taken into custody at 13th and John — thanks to a CHS reader for the photo

A male victim reportedly in his 20s was stabbed in the abdomen and chest in an incident inside an apartment building in the 1300 block of E John.

Police have taken one person into custody in connection with the Monday night incident.

Police were called to the Centro aPodment building around 10 PM and arrived to find the stabbed male inside one of the building’s microhousing units.

Seattle Fire reports that a male in his 20s with stab wounds was transported from the scene in critical condition.

Seattle Police confirmed that officers made an arrest in the stabbing but has not released more information yet on the incident.

UPDATE 6/17/14 9:20 AM: The person arrested in the stabbing is a 31-year-old woman. She was booked into jail for investigation of a domestic violence assault. Washington State court records show this to be her first significant brush with the law.

UPDATE x2: Here’s the report from SPD on what the department calls a “brutal” attack:

A woman was arrested last night for stabbing her boyfriend with an 8-inch kitchen knife. On 6/16/14, just before midnight, officers were dispatched to a report of a man and woman yelling inside an apartment in the 1300 block of E. John St. When Officers arrived, they heard the man yelling “Don’t kill me! Stop stabbing me!”

Officers knocked on the door and the female suspect answered. Responding officers took the woman into custody while other officers located the victim lying on the floor with severe stab wounds to the center of his chest and abdomen.

Officers applied pressure to the victim’s wounds while waiting for medics. The 27-year-old victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center with life threatening injuries where he was rushed into surgery.

Officers located a bloody kitchen knife with an 8- inch blade at the scene. The knife was placed into evidence.

The 31-year-old female suspect was booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Assault –DV.

31 thoughts on “One arrest after man stabbed inside E John apartment

  1. Was wondering what all the lights on John were about… sad news. Hope the guy makes it.

    On a side note, this definitely won’t help the apodments gain acceptance in the neighborhood, whether fair or not.

    • I live there! And frankly, SHIT HAPPENS. For all we know, the victim could have said some really messed up shit. Alcohol probably got in the mix. The suspect’s actions will not reflect on the rest of us who live here who have done nothing wrong. Why should we have to work to gain respect from the neighborhood if we were not suspects or accessories to the crime?!?!

      • Agree…..such crimes can happen anywhere, and the concept of apodments is not to blame. They, of course, are to blame for the myriad of land use issues and taking advantage of loopholes in the City codes…..all of which, hopefully, will be fixed soon by the City Council

        • You “could” say aPodment living is to blame. Living in close proximity, sharing resources that are not usually shared etc…. Add in someone who is unstable, potentially fueled by drugs (or lack of medication), alcohol and so on. Someone doesn’t clean up their shared kitchen mess and someone else gets pushed over the edge.

          Of course all speculation but you can see how aPodment living creates a potential scenario that wouldn’t be found otherwise.

          • aPodments are almost all single occupancy, with strict rules limiting the ability of guests to stay overnight. So, despite the small square footage of each unit nobody is actually living in close proximity.

            My experience of living in the Centro so far has been uniformly positive, which with the obvious exception of last night has been free of bizarre late night screaming, repeated police visits, signs of IV drug use or drug sales, or indeed any other indicators of generally unhealthy living; frankly, this is much more than I can say for most of the other apartment complexes I’ve lived in since arriving in Seattle in 1993, regardless of their square footage.

            Particularly in light of the fact that, to judge by the official update to this article which was just posted about a half-hour ago, the woman who has been taken into custody over this stabbing had never had a significant brush with the law before, I think the only rational way to look at what happened last night is as a freak and unforeseeble tragedy, which has no business being blamed on either the Centro or aPodment/microhousing living in general.

          • I’ve lived in an apodment for 5 years and the only thing living in “close proximity” has ever done is make me and my neighbors better friends.

        • I will say for readers, my time at Centro has been great. The Resident Manager has been the best manager I have ever had out of the 6 going on 7 years that I have lived in first and Capitol Hill area.
          As for the close proximities, I see my “roommates” less than expected when I first moved here – the kitchen and all other common areas are usually empty and free to use. I was extremely surprised I didn’t hear anything until i heard sirens and heard people talking outside and I live in a unit very close to the “crime scene”.
          Apodments are great for people who are in transition to the next phase of their lives or someone who doesn’t need a lot of space. I love it here at Centro and unfortunately a man was stabbed and I hope he has guardian angels watching over him and his family as well as the suspect and her family.

  2. It was a 22 year old male, 1304 E John Street, stabbed with an 8 inch kitchen knife, left side sub-clavicular (below the collar bone) and lower left quadrant, GCS (Glasgow coma score) of 14 upon arriving, now a 10.
    Full trauma workup.
    4 police cars on scene, Seattle Fire Units, B22,E25,L10,M1,M44.

  3. My girlfriend used to live at 11th and E. John, where we met her building neighbor at 6pm and saw her bleeding on the sidewalk 14 hours later after an attack and a concussion.

    So we moved to First Hill because the crime stats were great. Well now a year later even the postal carrier told me the neighborhood has gone straight to hell. I detail some of the events, including smashed windshields, arson and attempted break-ins on my journal page, but when I went to tell it to City Hall I was rudely cut off as you can see in the video below.

    This despite have a law enforcement background as attorney and doing video with City Council members and police.

    We moved out of the City. Close, but out.

    Just sayin’.

  4. I don’t think anyone was passing any judgement on aPodments causing this stabbing. Crime happens in all types of buildings. That doctor murdered his husband and child in a fancy apartment on First Hill. Countless other crimes happen in all types of buildings. I’m not sure it was really necessary to point out in the main article that this crime happened in an aPodment. This is why most media only tell you approximately where crimes occur, such as the 1300 block of East John or something like that. The fact that it happened in an aPodment is irrelevant. But JSeattle and I have disagreed before on the level of irrelevant details in many of his articles.

    • I agree with “iluvcaphill” that mentioning the aPodment was irrelevant; these brutal acts between lovers & families happen everywhere. I live in a condo building directly next door & have met many fine people who live in the aPodments & that I call friends. The close proximity to neighbors is the reason the young man will likely live & the woman isn’t facing Murder charges; my concerned building neighbor heard fighting & called 911. I’m also a Physician that has logged many hours @ Harborview ER & seen many sad examples that cross ALL socioeconomic planes.

  5. Do you think there is a higher likelyhood it COULD occur, (crime at Apodments) ? I think there is already evidence there are more police calls to Apodments. Such a shame our spineless council cannot stand up the developers who have perversely interprated the zoning code to allow such intense concentrations in neighborhoods. A zoning that was meant to allow folks to house share, not to build specially purpose units to skirt the zoning code.

    • ” I think there is already evidence there are more police calls to Apodments.”

      Is there, really? Can you point to any reporting of this alleged evidence?

    • I have lived in the same apodment for five years and only once have the cops ever been called to our building, and that was for a non-violent incident. Living like we do tends to make us more friendly toward one another, not more violent. I’m still friends with several people I met there who have since moved out.

  6. I think we need to keep separate the land use/code problems caused by apodments from the possibility of increased crime in the buildings. The former is a serious problem for our neighborhood, but the latter is apparently just not true.

    • We know there are code problems with aPodments. 1 example is insufficient exits and exit widths in the event of a fire.

    • It has become pretty obvious over the years that basically none of the people complaining about supposed code violations in the aPodments buildings really care about code violations; they just want to suppress the construction of more aPodments because of their beliefs about the “kind of people” who will inhabit them.

      But the thing is, their beliefs about the “kind of people” who inhabit aPodments aren’t even accurate.

      So it’s really the worst of both worlds: not only a debate based on bigotry, but even if bigotry were an acceptable justification for taking a position, the situation which said bigotry is against doesn’t even exist.

      The fights over aPodments and buliding codes have really shown this city at its ugliest, unfortunately.

      • It’s unfortunate that you have to feel like a victim of bigotry. You and other aPodment dwellers will most certainly feel like victims of the developers unscrupulous actions when a tragic event occurs and the unfortunate happens. I can see the lawsuits now…

        I could care less where and how others choose to live. I’m living happily in a 580 sqft home myself. But my home was built to conventional standards and the developer didn’t circumvent rules and regulations to build it.

        Beef with aPodments are not about those who live in the homes, its about the developers and the need to treat all new developments equally.

        • Exactly right, Timmy! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

          The “supposed” code violations are real, not imagined by foes of apodments. It was recently reported here that one of the main apodment developers (Calhoun Properties) is being called to task for violations at one building, and other buildings are being assessed for same.

  7. This kind of thing can happen anywhere.

    I live in Centro and it has been a (mostly) positive experience. I have made friends here that I never would have met. I have kept in touch with those who have moved on and out of Seattle.

    The “pod living” is NOT to blame for this tragedy. Drugs and alcohol are. The 31 year old “woman” who did this is. I had a run in with her last summer when she confronted me, IN THE KITCHEN, because I was “talking about her”. She is an immature, spoiled, thinks rules don’t apply to her, type of person.

    All I ask is people to stop putting all of us who live in this type of housing in her group. I’ve lived in Centro since it opened in 2012 and this IS THE FIRST time the police have been called on ANYONE who lives/lived here.

    • Jules! Rock On! I agree with you! I talked to someone who said she was a bit “off key”, therefore, it’s not the APodments fault.

    • @everyone: let’s stay on topic. with all the building going on in Capitol Hill Queen Anne downtown and all the metro areas, there is going to be building in city code issues.
      @Patrick: you or myself and anyone else that it did not concern do not know exactly what happened, how it got to that point and how it started. HE could have done something FIRST. you always have to look at all angles, like everything else in life.

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  9. I actually knew both people in question. Yes, she was a bit strange but she was always nice to everyone. Jules, we knew you guys never got along but nobody expected you would take things this far. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for her.

    • I’m over her and her drama, Jason. I have a no-contact order and I’m not so sure you did this on your own so if you could tell your bestie to follow the order that would be great. Keep your nose out of it.

  10. The claims of the commentor jules have all be dismissed for being baseless. For 3 yrs she has continued to make these childish accusations in an attempt to slander me out of contempt for my race. She and her friends at centro have continued to try and find others focused on racial bias. I refuse to comment on this article as it seems to serve no other purpose than to promote hate not the truth. Thank you for your time