Reminder: Last chance to sign up for the 2014 Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day

Scenes from 2013

Scenes from 2013

Capitol-Hill-Seattle-Garage-Sale-2013-32Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day 2014 is Saturday, June 14th but today — Wednesday, June 4th — is the last day for you to register your sale for the official CHGSD(tm) map.

You can sign up at or at the bottom of this post, below.

This year, CHS and the Cal Anderson Park Alliance are teaming up to host the Garage Sale Day Community Lot inside Cal Anderson Park.

Get your junk treasures together and sign up for the community sale ($20 goes to support the event and CAPA) or add your own yard or apartment or parking strip or dry cleaners parking lot ASAP!Capitol-Hill-Seattle-Garage-Sale-2013-45

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7 thoughts on “Reminder: Last chance to sign up for the 2014 Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day

  1. I thought I had signed up 2 weeks ago but never got a confirmation and I see our sale is not on the list – just tried again and am not sure if it went through. Several people in our building are planning to participate, really hope we can get listed. Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day is great! thx

    • what list? :) 2014 map/roster isn’t out yet. CAPA is dealing with registrations so you’ll hear from them soon if you haven’t already!

  2. ok….below the registration form entry on the website there are a bunch of postings that I assumed were for this year’s CHGS. Just didn’t want to repost the info 10 times if all was well :)

    • I signed up for the Cal Anderson event the day the story and link to the website were posted here on the Capitol Hill Seattle blog. Used the same form you see provided above the comments on this page. Clocked “submit” and got a confirmation that my request for community space had been received. Didn’t hear anything from CAPA after that.

      Seems a bit disorganized.

      • I also submitted on the form to get a table at Cal Anderson and didn’t get a confirmation e-mail or link for payment. I’ll be patient, and hopefully I’ll hear from CAPA soon.

    • Sorry for no responses here, everybody. CAPA is handling signups this year and should be in touch soon. Sit tight. It’s their first year running the registration so working out the process!