Blotter | Man arrested after shots fired outside Capitol Hill IHOP

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  • IHOP shooting: Seattle police arrested one man after a shooting early Tuesday morning outside the Capitol Hill IHOP restaurant near 10th and E Madison. No injuries were reported. According to police reports, witnesses said the incident began when one man called another man’s girlfriend a “bitch.” Some time later a patrol officer at 11th and Pine heard three gun shots near the IHOP at around 2 AM Tuesday morning. While responding to the scene a second officer stopped a car that matched a description of one that had fled the scene. The driver of the car later told police he fired the shots to break up a fight. Witnesses at the scene told officers that the man fired the shots at another man while yelling “I’m going to kill you!” After the shots were fired, the victim ran into the IHOP where witnesses told police he was screaming that someone had tried to shoot him. Police said the man was drunk and scared, and eventually became uncooperative.

  • Robbery at gunpoint: Two men robbed a woman at gunpoint near 20th and E Madison early Monday morning, said Seattle police. According to police reports, the woman was walking in the area around 3 AM and looking at her cell phone when two men approached from the other side of the street and demanded her cell phone and purse. When the woman refused, one of the suspects brandished a gun and took her belongings. Unable to find anyone on the street to help her, police said she ran to University Village where she was able to call her father. No arrests were made.
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7 thoughts on “Blotter | Man arrested after shots fired outside Capitol Hill IHOP

  1. Yet another late-night mugging to steal a cellphone. For god’s sake, people, put away your phone when you are walking alone late at night! If you don’t, you’re asking for trouble.