Blotter | Woman loses phone in black-out robbery, man held up at gunpoint at 15th/Madison

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  • Black-out robbery: A woman who said she mysteriously blacked out after a stranger at a bar offered her a drink earlier that evening, told police she was robbed at her residence early Sunday morning, June 29th. Police were called to the 1700 block of Boylston around 3 AM to a report that the woman screamed somebody was trying to rob her. Other residents of her building found the victim outside on the sidewalk with an open purse. The woman told police “she had not been drinking unusually heavily but somehow blacked out,” the report says. “One of the last things she remembered was accepting a drink from an unknown person and has no recollection of the rest of the evening including the strong-arm robbery at her residence.” The thief made off only with the victim’s phone. She was not seriously injured. No description of the suspect was available.
  • 15/Madison hold-up: A man told police he was robbed at gunpoint near 15th and Madison early last Wednesday, June 25th. According to police radio dispatches, the victim waved down police around 4:30 AM blocks away from the hold-up. The man told police the armed thieves grabbed his phone and fled on Madison. One of the young male suspects was armed with a pistol the victim said. The suspects were described as a group of black males in their teens or early 20s. The suspect with the pistol was wearing a gray hoodie, shorts and was around 5’6″ tall. The stolen phone was tracked for a short time to the area around 11th and Madison before being turned off. No arrests were made. Earlier that night, police engaged in an unsuccessful car chase following a pistol-point hold-up near Cal Anderson. Last Saturday, police were also called to knifepoint robberies involving a group of teens on Harvard Ave.
  • Broadway Pride assault: A Broadway shop trying to celebrate during the Capitol Hill Pride Festival had to call police in to deal with a belligerent and intoxicate woman who apparently became obsessed with an employee, yelling “you think you’re so pretty!” and repeatedly threatening people around her. According to the SPD report on the incident, officers working at the street festival were called over to help deal with the woman who also yelled that she was “from Cali” and had thrown “a plastic cup full of ice and fluid” inside the store, hitting an employee and damaging dresses on display. Despite the scene, police tried to let the upset woman go on her way but her anger escalated, the report documents, and she was taken into custody for the assault.
  • Cal Anderson disturbance: An extremely upset woman had a tough time of it late last Sunday night in an incident that included her getting arrested for assault — but only after she had been pepper sprayed in the face. According to the report on the June 29th incident, police were called to a disturbance inside Cal Anderson around 11:40 PM. A man inside the park told police the woman had become enraged with him for unknown reasons and she began throwing around his stuff inside the park. When the man said he went to get a garbage can to clean up the mess, the woman grabbed his swiss army knife and said, “Why don’t you just kill me.” She then began attacking him with the garbage can so he sprayed her with the pepper spray. The woman fled the area but police found on her way out of the park and placed her in cuffs. As she was treated by Seattle Fire, the woman fell back “of her own accord” and bashed her head, according to the report. She refused to acknowledge her Miranda Rights and asked police why they were taking the word of a junkie. Her anger grew as police took her to nearby East Precinct where she told them she would bash her head inside the holding cell. Deciding it would be more prudent to deliver the suspect directly to King County Jail, police again placed her in a squad car. As they loaded her up for the ride from East Precinct, the handcuffed woman managed to kick her way off the seat and out an open car door, smashing her body to the ground. “Suspect XXX was picked up, and guided back into the patrol unit,” the report notes. The woman was eventually taken to KCJ complaining of sore ribs and a swollen face from the pepper spray. She was also trespassed from Cal Anderson Park.
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