Blotter | Victim says robbed at knifepoint in Cal Anderson

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  • Park armed robbery reported: A man walked into 12th and Pine’s East Precinct lobby early Saturday morning to report that he had just been robbed at knifepoint by three men inside Cal Anderson Park. Police responded to the area around 12:45 AM to look for the three reported suspects described only as a white male armed with a knife wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, and two black male accomplices. The victim said his black bag with a Microsoft logo was taken from him by the armed man near the bathrooms inside the park. Police reported the park was still full of people at the late hour but that nobody in the area reported seeing the robbery. The victim was not injured. The incident joins a string of reported hold-ups and muggings in and around the park this month.
  • Broadway/Pike phone snatch: A female victim suffered an injured ankle in a street robbery near Broadway and Pike around 1:30 AM Saturday. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police were looking for a suspect described as a heavyset black male, around 6’4″ tall and wearing a white t-shirt and blue pants who reportedly pushed the victim to the ground and took her phone. Seattle Fire was called to the scene to treat the victim’s injury. There were no immediate arrests.
  • 18th/Harrison rollover: The victim in a single car crash at 18th and Harrison was able to walk away from the rollover with only minor injuries. Seattle Fire and Seattle Police were called to the 11 PM crash scene as the female driver in her 20s was able to exit the flipped car on her own and await treatment. It does not appear that alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash.

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19 thoughts on “Blotter | Victim says robbed at knifepoint in Cal Anderson

  1. The almost-daily crimes in Cal Anderson Park are totally unacceptable! Do something about it, SPD!! And, in the meantime, no one should go there, especially at night. It’s sad but true that for now the criminals have taken over.

  2. The crime in parks is sad and completely unacceptable. It is astounding that residents of Seattle just approved the new parks district that will dramatically increase property taxes for parks we can’t even use! Let’s say the average apartment on Capitol Hill is worth $350,000. The new tax of .75 on every 1,000 of property value is $262. Renters are not completely off the hook as landlords will likely pass the cost along in rent increases. It would be one thing if the parks were actually safe and pleasant places to visit, but they are not.

  3. Yeah, but how much is the existing levy for Parks? So, this is not a totally new tax. And gee, an urban park – stay the hell out of there when it’s closed and dark.
    Yes, SPD should be doing more, but how about less bitching and more ideas to make the park safe? Did you go last night? A zillion people were there for the Three Dollar Bill movie and the food truck thing on 11th. It was an amazing community event.

    • It appears that you have never visited a park in the CD or the western part of the Leschi neighborhood. Rampant drug dealing, gunfire, and fighting are regular park features in broad daylight!

    • I don’t have the exact figures, but the property tax tab for the Parks District is significantly higher than the existing levy….I believe it’s about twice as much. And, the City Council will have the option of increasing the tax even further in the future, without any citizen input.

  4. The word is out. You can rob people in CAP with total impunity. The police won’t and can’t chase these young thugs on foot.

  5. Didn’t the police catch one just last week after chasing him? I read about it right here on this blog.

  6. I grew up with Park Districts and the services and programs were outstanding compared to Seattle’s hands off approach. I’m wondering if perhaps with a Park District a security team will surface as well.
    Asking SPD to patrol the park after it closes is a waste of valuable resources at this time unfortunately.
    We need to take some responsibility as Cap Hill residents. Don’t walk past the “Park closes at 11:30pm” sign after midnight talking on your cellphone. You might as well hang a “rob me” sign on yourself.
    Put your thinking caps on and come up with ideas for a solution. Every August it is the same thing in Cal Anderson.

    • Do walk into the park after dark. Why leave it too pieces of shit? When you turn the other cheek and acknowledge someplace is bad it’s full of thugs, you are giving them the land for nothing.

      Some of us are armed and ideally one of these days someone will give these a-holes some much needed retirement.

      • If only Batman and The Punisher existed in real life….

        Wait, we have Phoenix Jones! HE should patrol Cal Anderson at night!

      • I don’t think Patrick meant vigilantism necessarily. I believe he just meant he wasn’t going to be a victim. A little too much bravado for me in what he wrote though.

      • I do mean not being a victim or coming across as that mentality and just abandoning places or paths because of a few thugs is doing just that…

        I am not a vigilante but I am a prepared individual.

  7. Every summer it’s the same; the muggings and robberies go way up, and the city leaders and the cops sit on their hands and watch it happen. Then with fall comes the cold and the wet, and crime goes back down to normal. Until next summer.

  8. And this person was walking by the bathrooms of Cal Anderson park at 12:45am for what? You wouldn’t catch me walking by that part of the park in day light. You don’t need to be a genius to observe only trouble frequents there.