Fifth annual Linda’s Fest ready to rock the patio — and the construction pit

IMG_234610543656_724644084238704_3622052533988432165_nAs summer draws to a close, Linda’s Tavern is ready to bring Capitol Hill’s festival season to a close with its fifth annual free mini music bash, Linda’s Fest. This will be the last year Linda’s infamous back patio will not have a seven-story apartment building looming above.

“It’s not the first time that Capitol Hill has changed,” says Jonah Bergman who plans the annual event, “Even if there’s a construction pit next to it, it is still a great place to hang out.”

On Saturday the 23rd from 5 to 10 PM the bands Tacocat, Chastity Belt, the Young Evils, Kithkin, and Thunder Pussy will take the patio stage for the free show.

“It’s cool to have musicians of that caliber on a stage,” says Bergman, “that we put together for one day in a back parking lot.”

Linda’s Tavern is a part of Linda Derschang’s six restaurant empire and has been in the neighborhood for 20 years.

Come fall of 2015, the Pike Motorworks project will fill in most of the block between E Pine and E Pike, Linda’s Tavern. The staff is optimistic about coexisting with their new neighbors.

Linda's Fest 2013 (Image: CHS)

Linda’s Fest 2013 (Image: CHS)

Linda’s Fest has changed over its five years, bringing on better known acts when Bergman took over the planning process in the event’s second year. The Fest was born when Linda’s staff members created an event for all their bands could play.

10592795_721030061266773_5961027965322812539_nIn years past, the party has gotten a little wild including the year when mainly punk bands were played and the mosh pit got out of hand.

“When we returned that stage that next Monday,” said Mike Leifur, former Linda’s GM,  “they asked us if next year we wouldn’t mind taking a mop to the stage an mopping up all the blood and exploded lights. That was kind of fun.”

Organizers expect 2014’s lady-centric lineup to draw a more mellow, music loving crowd. Mosh pits are very unlikely.

“The whole Idea behind Linda’s Fest is it’s just a party,” says  Bergman. “It celebrates bands that we like locally and celebrates the neighborhood.”

Linda’s Tavern is located at 707 E Pine. You can learn more at

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