Pretty Parlor shop kitty injured in dog attack

Pretty kitty (Image: Pretty Parlor)

Pretty kitty (Image: Pretty Parlor)

Vincent the Pretty Parlor cat is a familiar character for many on Capitol Hill. Earlier this week, the shop cat suffered a brutal attack that left him in need of expensive surgery and medical care.

He’s in surgery Thursday afternoon. Shop owner and Vincent pal Anna Banana Lange has set up an online account if you’d like to pitch in to help cover the bills. Here’s part of a message she posted Wednesday night:

His chance of surviving the night is 80/20, which is good, considering all the fluids in his lungs. We are meeting with the surgeon tomorrow morning to determine our route for his compound leg fracture. This is the reason for doubling our goal. Surgery is expected to cost between $4000-$6000, an added cost to the original $3000 as estimated.

Banana also writes that she is close to being able to identify the dog and owner responsible for the Wednesday morning attack outside the shop.

CHS last visited the 119 Summit Ave E store earlier this summer as Banana expanded to add a Capitol Hill-styled bridal boutique.

If you’d like to help, you can learn more and give at

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6 thoughts on “Pretty Parlor shop kitty injured in dog attack

  1. Sending you good thoughts, little Vincent! I look forward to stopping and saying hi to him on the way home from work when the weather is nice enough for him to be outside. He’s a really sweet kitty and I hope he is going to be OK. I will contribute to this fund. I won’t say what I think about the POS who ran off instead of taking responsibility for his/her dog’s actions. I hope he/she is found.

  2. Poor Vincent! He is such a wonderful kitty, I’ve seen him brighten the day of countless strangers (myself included). So sweet and well behaved. I will definitely be donating. I hope they find whoever did this to him and they are held responsible to the fullest extent of the law. A “maul and run”?! Despicable.

  3. We’re all rooting for you Vincent! Anna, Tom and family, sending lots of love and support your way. Here if you need us across the street. xoxoxo