Why were there a couple hundred French maids on Capitol Hill this weekend?

CHS does not get it. Maybe you can explain? Also, who is Misha Collins and how can he be stopped before he strikes again? (UPDATE: Attendee Jill MacCorkle put the maid count at 838. She also confirmed what we’d heard — three participants required medical attention for heat-related symptoms!)

As part of an international scavenger hunt organised by Supernatural actor Misha Collins, there will be a world record attempt in Seattle at 12:00 PM PST on August 3rd. The event will take place at the Miller Community Centre located at 330 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112. Our team is unable to get anyone to that city on that day to represent our us and add to our points tally for the adjoined scavenger hunt. We need someone willing to dress up as a French maid (along with everyone else at least) for a couple of hours and contribute to breaking a Guiness World Record!!!

Here are the requirements as posted on the website:

1. YOU LOOK LIKE A FRENCH MAID (And why wouldn’t you? It’s Sunday!): You must be wearing a short black dress which, per Guinness, must be above the knee and not be strapless or you won’t be allowed to enter! You must also have a white or black maid’s headdress. THIS COSTUME APPLIES TO MEN AS WELL! If modesty is your style, Guinness will permit you to wear black tights or fishnet stockings. The volunteers will have plenty of aprons on hand (for your maid costume), but they “made” (ha ha) them sustainably and I’m told they’re not the sexiest. So if you want to bring sexy back to Seattle, bring your own white lace-looking apron (homemade or otherwise). To beat a dead horse: the volunteers will only have aprons — no dresses or headdresses — so you must bring those. If you’re not wearing them, you won’t be let in.

2. YOU HAVE A “STILL LIFE” HAT WITH YOU. What is this? Picture a Still Life painting. Now picture that set-up arranged on any type of hat. That’s what you need to have on your noggin. Get artistic with it. GISHWHES it! We will be announcing a winner.

3. YOU ARE COMFORTABLE HOLDING HANDS WITH ANOTHER GISHER. You will all be holding hands for one of the records, so if cooties heebie your jeebie, this event probably isn’t your cup-o-tea. Some of you may be squirming at the thought of this — you can do it.

4. YOU HAVE A WHITE NOTE CARD OR PIECE OF PAPER (4X6). This must contain your LEGIBLE (1) first and last name, and (2) email address (Guinness needs this — they won’t be using it for anything other than counting).

5. YOU HAVE A WHITE PIECE OF PAPER (8X11ish). This must have your Team Name (or the one you’re representing) written on it.

6. YOU MUST BE OKAY BEING FILMED. Like every year, your image may go up on the GISHWHES website or on GUINNESS’s website.


UPDATE: Yikes! Seattle Fire had its hands full! “We evaluated 7 women for dehydration/ possible heat exhaustion,” a spokesperson tells us. One person had to be transported to the hospital by the medic. Five more were taken to hospitals by private ambulances.

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4 thoughts on “Why were there a couple hundred French maids on Capitol Hill this weekend?

  1. I happened to drive down 19th as a bunch of these folks were arriving. I almost stopped to ask why there were men and women dressed as French Maids outside on a Sunday morning… but I thought “Whatever, Capitol Hill” and kept going.

    BTW, Misha Collins plays an Angel on “Supernatural” (which is basically the two hunky guys pretending various locations around Vancouver are different parts of the US where paranormal events take place… ie, it’s CW’s version of the X-Files with a double-helping of Mulder. Or a triple-helping if Misha Collins is your thing.).

  2. Since everyone still seems confused I will try to explain as best I can, considering I wasn’t part of the event (and they are keeping things fairly hush-hush to those not involved): Misha Collins is an actor (best known, as stated above, for TV show “Supernatural”) who has organized an event called G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. — the “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.” It’s a way for people to have fun, raise money for charity and help set world records…and evidently this year one of those records has something to do with 838 people dressed as French maids at Miller Park.

    I used to live right by Miller Park but have since moved to AZ…I was hoping there would be photos since I couldn’t be there to see for myself (participants aren’t supposed to post photos until G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. is over) and hooray, CHS came through!

    For more information — https://www.gishwhes.com/

  3. I should probably clarify that I was not a participant, just transportation and logistical support for some maids. Don’t want them to get in trouble for sharing photos, it was all me. Go Gishers!