Man falls onto vehicle on I-5, traps driver inside

Seattle Fire was just wrapping up a massive response to a Bellevue Ave E apartment building fire as another emergency situation broke out below in the southbound lanes of I-5.

According to Seattle Fire radio, police and automobile rescue units were dispatched around 1 PM to I-5 near the convention center where a man had fallen onto a car below, trapping the driver inside.

Both victims were reported to be alive as Seattle Fire responded. We will update when we learn more about their conditions and what lead to the fall.

Last Friday morning, a man fell more than 50 feet onto an I-5 exit from the Pine street overpass. It was not known what lead to that fall in an area near where many homeless people camp along the interstate.

UPDATE: Seattle Police says the victim who fell is a woman. We have updated the post above to reflect the new information. UPDATE x2: Our initial information was correct. The Washington State Patrol says the victim who fell was a man who either fell or jumped from Spring Street. The driver of the vehicle suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital. The victim that either jumped or fell suffered critical injuries and was also transported from the scene. UPDATE x3: SFD says it transported the driver in his 70s from the scene with non-life threatening neck and back injuries suffered when the man who fell hit his windshield. Fire calls the second victim a “jumper” and says he is a 25-year-old male who suffered life-threatening injuries.

Resources to help those in need: National suicide-prevention hotline: 800-SUICIDE. Local Crisis Clinic: (206) 461-3222

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One thought on “Man falls onto vehicle on I-5, traps driver inside

  1. I flew from Cairns, AU to Brisbane, AU on feb 23, the 70+ year old driver was sitting next to me, Super nuce man, he suffered major neck and back injury, very forgiving to the jumper, more than I would have been, only contact from the jumper was a ‘get well card ‘. Jumper survived