Washington’s Most Wanted? Show on hunt for Capitol Hill tagger

LOLCAM 20141006_005100_2 (2)The TV program Washington’s Most Wanted is leading the hunt for this Boylston Ave tagging suspect caught on surveillance video early Monday morning:

Justin Christie was in bed when the motion sensor on his surveillance camera set off an alert on his phone.

“As soon as I saw it, I jumped to the door and wanted to scare him away at least, but by the time the alert came through, he had already finished; he was pretty quick,” said Christie.

What the suspect left behind will cost the Home Owners Association between $300 and $500 to remove.

“I respect street art. I don’t think this is street art,” said Christie.

The video was provided to police who passed it on to the show’s producer who, in turn, shared it with us. The producer tells us police are looking for tips to help identify the tagging bandit. “[T]he tagging subculture responsible for millions of dollars in damage every year,” the show reports. You can call 1-800-222-TIPS with information or SPD directly at (206) 625-5011.

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14 thoughts on “Washington’s Most Wanted? Show on hunt for Capitol Hill tagger

  1. I can’t wait until this d-bag gets caught. His sentencing should include many many hours of graffiti clean up throughout the city.

    • Same. I enjoyed his tags for their sheer Calvin-esque look when they were on things that were going to go away anyway (construction debris, scaffolding, etc.) but then he started doing actual destructive things like scratching into the marble sculpture outside the Asian Art Museum, and damaging property at local businesses like the Elliot Bay Cafe and so on.

  2. If the “street art” that you respect includes painting on buildings without the permission of the property owner, then don’t quibble about aesthetics Justin Christie.
    It seems a lot of Capitol Hill residents are ultra-lenient of illegal activity until it effects them directly.
    There is nothing to respect about “tagging” or grafitti.

  3. I recognize this guy. I saw him climb up on a dumpster and illegally enter the construction site at corner of Harvard and Thomas about 8 or 9 mos ago. I called 911 and the police responded but he was in the building which was going up and I don’t think they were able to get him. He just waited them out.

    • I also told the construction foreman the next day what I saw and he said the police never notified them of the break-in. There is video surveillance on site

  4. Let’s get the new “art store” closed down. It sells everything you need for a night of tagging. The guy was painting a garage outside my building, saw him (I live on the 11th floor)I yelled at him and called the police, he was gone before they arrived. The camera got him, same face as in the photo up top. Tired of someone writing Blood Farts on the retaining walls around the school.