Blotter | Police looking for pistol-packing trio who pulled two stick-ups in midst of Capitol Hill protests

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  • Gunpoint hold-ups reported: Police are investigating at least two armed street robberies that went down around Capitol Hill just after midnight as Seattle Ferguson protests marched through the area. In the first incident, the victim told police he ran from an armed male who attempted to hold him up near Harvard and Union around 12:20 AM Tuesday. The victim ran three blocks before he was able to contact police who managed to arrive quickly despite the busy night of protests. He described the suspect in the attempted armed hold-up as a black male in his 20s, around 5’5″ with a thin build and wearing a grey hoodie and grey sweatpants.

    Minutes later, police were called to Boren near University to another reported hold-up involving a suspect matching the same description of the grey hoodie gunman and two other black males.

    Police ended up arresting a male who was found in possession of a handgun in the protest crowd at 6th and Olive following the robbery reports but that person was described as a white male. We do not yet know what led police to take that male into custody. A search of the area for the three suspects in the hold-up attempts was not immediately successful.

    The incidents follow a string of reported robberies in the area including a violent hold-up Sunday night in Volunteer Park in which two victims were pistol-whipped and suffered cuts to the head.

    UPDATE 11/26/2014: Here are the recent armed street robberies reported in East Precinct around Capitol Hill. Monday night’s Boren hold-up was handled under the Summit/Pike case so is not listed.Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.50.46 AM

  • Pike/Pine beating: Musician Leigh Stone notified CHS about a Saturday night assault at 11th and Pike hoping to find more witnesses to come forward to help identify the suspect. The beating was reportedly sparked by a disagreement over the old dirt bike propped in front of Sam’s Tavern:

    Last night outside of Sam’s Tavern (11th Ave and E Pike Street) some drunken scum bags were basically trying to vandalize a decorative motorcycle sitting outside the tavern and had knocked it over.Out of respect for the establishment one of my friends picked the bike up and tried getting them to knock it off. Drunk scum bags don’t like being told what to do and they ganged up on this friend. There were at least three of them. Another friend (literally one of the nicest people I’ve ever met) jumped in to help out and one of the scum bags bashed him in his eye with all of their weight and ran off into the crowd. Blood was every where. Wasn’t even able to see what the attacker looked like.

    You can read more about the incident here. The victim was injured seriously enough to require corrective surgery. Stone and friends are asking anybody with information to contact police about the attack.

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9 thoughts on “Blotter | Police looking for pistol-packing trio who pulled two stick-ups in midst of Capitol Hill protests

    • Didn’t say that. It said robbery at the same time as the protest. Didn’t say they were in the same place, and didn’t say the guy with the gun was involved in the robbery.

      “Reading is FUNdamental”.

      • If there was ever a Capitol Hill Olympics we’d have dozens and dozens of contestants entering the Jumping To Conclusions event. I said before, if I ever get into trouble I hope a lot of you people won’t be on my jury, or I’d be doomed.

        You’re welcome, Calhoun!

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