Last chance to have your say (via email) on 11th/Pine as Seattle landmark

IMG_2175-600x400Screen-Shot-2014-11-18-at-12.39.48-PM-600x357Wednesday afternoon, the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board will decide whether it will extend its protections to the White Motor Company building at the corner of 11th and Pine. You might know it as The Stranger building.

The Wednesday vote follows a decision by the board earlier this month to protect the building’s neighboring auto row-era structure with REI roots currently home to Value Village. The White Motor Company has a similar auto row and REI mixed pedigree — and, the board decided in December, it also has an impressive enough interior that it, too, could be worthy of the board’s ongoing oversight.

Wednesday’s meeting includes an opportunity for public comment but you can also provide your thoughts via email to Sarah Sodt — Pike/Pine coordinator for the landmarks program. In its deliberations about the two early twentieth century structures, the board has consistently cited the many comments and shows of public support for the building it has received. CHS wrote here about efforts by preservation advocates to win protections for the buildings.

It’s not clear what impact the landmarks designations would have on the plans for a large office and commercial space development planned to integrate the facades and massing of the historical structures. A representative for real estate developer Legacy Commercial told CHS after the decision on the Value Village/Kelly Springfield building that it was too early to say what bearing the vote would have on his company’s plans to for a Pike/Pine’s preservation incentive-powered development.

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6 thoughts on “Last chance to have your say (via email) on 11th/Pine as Seattle landmark

  1. Thank you Capitol Hill blog for the excellent coverage on this issue. If the community sends enough emails to the Landmark Preservation Board (, I think we will win this. Comments are due today at 5:00pm. Make sure to mention that the Board should designate the impressive old-growth timber trusses, not just the facade.

  2. Bulldoze it.

    We need (NEED!) more condos (“efficiency” units will start at $1699/month (utilities not included)). And commercial on the ground level of course. I see a Quiznos and two, no, THREE Starbucks, and a Pan-Peruvian/Nigerian small plates restaurant.