Man stabbed in hand in reported Mercer/Bellevue robbery — UPDATE

(Image: @mik_nei with permission to CHS)

(Image: @mik_nei with permission to CHS)

A male victim suffered a “severe” knife wound to the hand in a reported robbery at E Mercer and Bellevue Ave E Tuesday night just before 10:30 PM.

UPDATE: According to police, the victim said he was meeting with a “friend of a friend” to sell a laptop when the robbery and stabbing occurred:

XXX said he was selling his MacBook Pro laptop to a friend of a friend. He said he couldn’t think of the friends name at the moment but would be able to give it later. He met with 4 unidentified suspects (1 Hispanic male and 3 Hispanic females)in the back of a Ford F-150 on E Melrose St and Bellevue Av E.    XXX    said he was hesitant to get in the vehicle, but the male suspect, who was driving insisted on it. Once inside the vehicle, the male suspect pulled a 7in military style fixedblade knife demanded the laptop and his money. The suspect took  XXX    ‘s laptop and $200 in cash.

Police were unable to question the victim further at the hospital after the victim was given pain medication. Police say they had “prior contact” with the victim that night at the E Olive Way Starbucks where he said he was meeting a female who wanted to buy his laptop.

Police were looking for a vehicle described as a silver Ford F150 truck carrying three males and one female reportedly involved with the incident.

Seattle Fire responded to the area near Mercer and Bellevue at 10:21 PM to a report of a stabbing.

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5 thoughts on “Man stabbed in hand in reported Mercer/Bellevue robbery — UPDATE

  1. This is the sketchiest story I’ve heard in some time. I don’t believe a word of it. If true than the victim really is that dumb.