Smash Putt tees off at 23rd and Union

(Image: Smash Putt)

(Image: Smash Putt)

Expect to hear a few golf claps around 23rd and Union starting Friday as Smash Putt mini-golf pops up inside the old post office space for a four-month season.

The boozy “athletic” event (and CHS advertiser!) has given us two sets of passes to give away for its upcoming March 22nd and March 30th industry nights. Add a comment below with your official mini-golf name and we’ll put you in the mix for the passes. We’ll notify the lucky commenters around 5 PM this afternoon (March 20th!). You can call CHS Sandy Wedge when we’re on the links.

Earlier this year, we talked to co-creator Mike McCracken about the ninth incarnation of Smash Putt. “We have to be opportunistic about space,” McCracken said. “We noticed (the Post Office space) because they were doing cool community things, like the Punk Rock Flea Market.” In 2009, Smash Putt first popped-up on 12th Ave where Rhein Haus stands today.

The weekend pop-up will be part of the scene in the Midtown Center strip mall through July. Its presence is part of a series of small changes from longtime property owner Tom Bangasser in an attempt to cut down on crime in the area after gunfire incidents near the center earlier this year.

In addition to the “MEGA Miniature Golf Apocalypse,” Smash Putt is also a bar. It’s free if you’d rather be a spectator, have a drink, and watch the action. Please, no wagering.

You can learn more and buy tickets ($15 to $20 depending on the time of your tee-off) at Sorry, kids. Smash Putt is 21+ only.

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