Vino Verite, vintage 2008 Capitol Hill wine shop, moving to Columbia City

Dave Egan, right, and Tom "Haj" Hajduk in a vintage photo (Image: CHS)

Dave Egan, right, and Tom “Haj” Hajduk in a vintage photo (Image: CHS)

It’s not often CHS gets scooped by Columbia City Source:

In an announcement on Facebook today, Capitol Hill wine shop Vino Verite confirmed that it is in fact moving to Columbia City. Further discussion on the post clarified/suggests that Baol African imports is closing (they’ve had “clearance” signs up for a few weeks now), Andaluz is moving next door to Baol’s spot (not yet confirmed by Andaluz), and Verite is moving in to the Andaluz space.

But Dave Egan and Tom “Haj” Hajduk say it’s true. Some of the most prolific users of the CHS Calendar… ever! are moving their wine shop from the Boylston Ave E shop where it opened in fall 2008 a few stops south on the light rail line.

In the end, the business partners say their shop just off E Olive Way just didn’t get enough walk-in customers:

We tried a number of changes but the walk-in traffic has not achieved a level that supports the business enough. Meanwhile, outside sales to non-profit and business accounts have increased, making our business successful in ways that allows us to move forward.

You can read a more complete explanation and what comes next from the Vino Verite guys here. The partners haven’t ruled out an eventual return to Capitol Hill. In the meantime, they last day of business on Boylston will be July 25th — there are a few more Thursday night tastings for you to stop by and say goodbye (for now?).

The planned shuttering leaves 15th Ave E’s EVS and its extended, one-of-a-kind partnership as the only dedicated wine shop on Capitol Hill in a neighborhood currently focused an entirely different kind of intoxication.

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7 thoughts on “Vino Verite, vintage 2008 Capitol Hill wine shop, moving to Columbia City

  1. :(

    Sad to see them go. Columbia City is lucky to have them.

    The amount of awesome wine they could dig up in the $10-$15 range made me stop playing ‘wine roulette’ at QFC. And the wine club had some cool bottles I never would have tried otherwise : desert wines, ports, old grenache. Hope CC works out well.

  2. Pity. I am a huge wino and passed the place with much curiosity several dozen times in the last few years, but they never looked particularly open. I hope the new place has better street presence and they find much success!

  3. Sad to hear this news, but glad they’re able to continue staying in business. I wish them success in Columbia City!

    What is it about wine shops and Capitol Hill? They don’t seem to stick. The short-lived Essence Wine Shop and Local Vine were barely here before they were gone. And while Vino Verite wasn’t my go-to, the 12th and Olive Wine Co was.

    Hopefully, EVS stays put. They’re such a great little shop.

  4. This is an incredible loss! Best wine shop on the hill and my favorite I’ve been to in Seattle, personally. Support our local businesses or they will die! I’ll be a customer at their new location, but sad I can’t walk anymore.