Police investigating more gunfire in the Central District

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Residents in the Central District are writing to CHS to ask why more attention hasn’t been paid to three more shooting incidents in the area. While there were nobody was struck by gunfire in the incidents, the shootings add to a continued string of gun activity in the area.

In the most recent incident Monday night, police scrambled in the area near MLK and Cherry where “several” 911 callers reported hearing gunshots around 10:15 PM. Police eventually found a group of people near 25th and Marion who claimed their vehicle was shot at in a nearby alley. Police were looking for a shooter who was possibly on foot in the alley but had little to go on from witnesses. Though the new crime stats dashboard from SPD does not include a tally of gun incidents, the latest Sea Stat reports show shots fired across the city have soared while police have seized more guns than totals reported in the previous six years:

(Source: SPD)

(Source: SPD)

Over the weekend, property in the 1400 block of 22nd Ave near E Union was struck in a shooting just before 2 AM Sunday morning. Witnesses told police they saw cars speeding from the area after the shots and a reported shooter described only as a black male around 5’6″ and 170 pounds, with a dark sweatshirt, leaving the area on foot.

At least one of those vehicles is believed by police to have been involved in another gunfire incident reported later Sunday morning after 3 AM in the 100 block of 17th Ave. Though there were apparently no arrests, the SPD report on the incident is epic. It begins with officers being dispatched to a fight disturbance:

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SPD officer Sandlin Grayson then describes a rather fascinating exchange with one male at the scene:

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The responding officers returned to their patrol car to check for warrants on some of the people at the scene of the reported fight:

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The responding officers were then called to a motor vehicle collision elsewhere in the precinct and received information about the earlier shooting at 22nd and Union. While at the crash scene, another shots fired incident was reported at the scene of the 17th Ave fight disturbance:

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Police found a male at the scene of the reported gunfire down on the ground — and freaking out:

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The victim had been beaten but police quickly found he was not shot in the incident:

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A witness described the scene at 17th Ave that led to the gunfire:

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Police did not find a shell casing. The two baseball hats were taken into evidence. There were no arrests.

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

  • Pedestrian struck at 15/Pine: A woman in her 20s struck by a car Tuesday morning as she crossed the street at the intersection of 15th and Pine just after 9 AM suffered only minor injuries despite a scary scene as first responders arrived. According to Seattle Fire radio dispatches, the pedestrian was reportedly found still partially under the vehicle but suffered no apparent significant injuries. SPD is investigating.
  • Hate crime investigation: Police are continuing to investigate Sunday’s reported gay bashing and robbery of a man at E Harrison and Summit.
  • Garbage truck heist charges: A Capitol Hill 18-year-old has been charged in last week’s garbage truck heist and rampage.
  • Beer theft threats: A Halloween night shoplift suspect landed himself in even hotter water after he was busted trying to steal a 6-pack of Heineken from the QFC at Broadway and Pike. After being stopped as he left the store, the suspect began throwing bottles causing a cut to the hand of an employee who he then allegedly proceeded to threaten:
    Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.14.50 PMThe suspect was booked into jail for investigation of felony harassment, theft, and assault.
  • Halloween beating: A man in his 20s suffered a likely broken nose, facial fractures, and a torn knee ligament in what he says was an unprovoked attack overnight Halloween around 2 AM Sunday morning. According the report, police interviewed the man in his hospital bed at Harborview where he described being sucker punched in the 1000 block of E Pike in the midst of the Halloween revelry:Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.22.02 PM
  • Love sucks: An angry husband was arrested for burglary after punching a man in the face and trying to push his way into an apartment in the 1700 block of Summit. In the Wednesday night, October 28th incident, the husband told police he believed his wife was cheating on him with the victim. The victim told police the suspect had been emailing him repeatedly about the affair but the beating was the first time they had met:
    Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 1.09.58 PMThe suspect was arrested for investigation of burglary.
  • Prowler suspect arrested: Neighbors around 17th and 18th Ave E are pleased that a man seen in yards in the area without permission was taken into custody earlier this week. Neighbors reported the man has been entering yards around the area and was eventually found by police in Interlaken Park:
    In case anyone noticed all the police cars in the neighborhood this afternoon, police apprehended a young  bearded guy who looks like the same one spotted in people’s yards recently. He was in our fully fenced back yard first, and then moved to the adjoining back yard to the north where he was picking up some full reusable bags that were next to an open back door. My husband made contact with him there (He claimed he was visiting friends.), and then the guy took off down the alley on his bicycle. XXX called 911 and officers made contact with us a few minutes later. They, along with some other officers, searched the neighborhood and apparently found him somewhere around the northern part of Interlaken Park. 
    The officers said he’d be booked for trespassing, and and one of the officers said the guy is also a suspect in at least one burglary that happened in the neighborhood this morning. 
  • Raccoon bites: We made reference to one incident here pre-Halloween on north Broadway, but late Monday night brought another reported raccoon bite to the East Precinct in an incident reported on 32nd Ave S. The victim reported the animal did not break skin and no medical attention was needed. Prolific numbers and close proximity as wet weather sets in appears to be part of the situation behind the reports. Keep your distance.
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4 thoughts on “Police investigating more gunfire in the Central District

  1. When I walked through the intersection at MLK and Cherry last night (Monday) on my way home from work, there were several sketchy people hanging out at the King’s Deli. Many of them appeared to be from the local gang that has been a fixture in the neighborhood in the past. They were flashing hand signals to passing cars and shouting, and multiple cars were stopped at the curb. I wouldn’t be surprised if the activity was related to the shooting that happened later last night.

  2. The V/ in the SPD report is shorthand for “victim.” SPD officer Sandlin Grayson’s flippant responses in speaking to a victim are totally out of line. Police kill black people at a higher rate than whites in the U.S. and the victim bringing up his fears is within his free speech rights. If Sandlin Grayson cannot hear things he doesn’t like, perhaps he shouldnt be a police officer.

    • Oh take a chill pill. Your totally unrealistic expectations of officers to be verbal punching bags and never call people out on their crap is just stupid. Cops deal with this crap so you don’t have to (and you surely are not capable of dealing with it). So you can continue to drink your double tall extra skinny half-caff peppermint pumpkin chestnut soy latte from Starbucks and bash the police online while simultaneously posting a picture of your coffee on instagram pretending that people actually care about your opinion. The fact that you even have the ability to be a perspective-less keyboard warrior is just a testament to the great work that cops do. Who cares if they call someone out for provoking them and race baiting. Great job Officer Grayson! Your thorough investigation and humorous report was a great read!

  3. CD rats playing the same game for over 20 years. Cops, guns, bangers, game players, my hood bla bla bla. CD is changing ever so slowly. Want to fast track the change? Instead of “stop snitching”, which has gotten you and keeps you where you are, try “start snitching”. You don’t see this crap in The big money neighborhoods because they don’t put up with it, they rat you out… Keeps crime and you hoodlums in check.