‘Shattered’ Pike/Pine stars in Mercedes-Benz ad

Pike/Pine’s preservation-friendly development makes a nice backdrop for the neighborhood’s residents and nightlife economy. It also works for car commercials.

The City of Seattle Office of Film and Music includes this Mercedes-Benz advertisement filmed around 10th Ave in August in its roster of Seattle commercial production in 2015:

It was a big year for automotive promotion in the city, the office says:

Mercedes visited Washington State to film footage for several national commercials highlighting their 2016 GLA model vehicle, hiring over 50 local crew and 50 extras over the course of a week. The commercial filmed in eastern Washington, and in Downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill.  A large portion of the filming took place at Rudy’s Barbershop and on 10th Avenue between E Pine Street and E Pike Street on Capitol Hill.

“Commercial production is an important component of the statewide film industry and instrumental in creating jobs and keeping film industry professionals in Washington,” the post from the Office of Film and Music reads. It doesn’t include any 2015 employment or revenue numbers.

Meanwhile, Capitol Hill’s Mercedes dealership exited the neighborhood in 2013 to make way for this.

You can learn more about City Hall’s efforts to promote Seattle for film and commercial production work at reel.commercializeseattle.com.

Mercedes commercial shoot by day, Pike/Pine pedestrian zone by night Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:

Posted by CHS Capitol Hill Seattle capitolhillseattle.com on Saturday, August 8, 2015

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21 thoughts on “‘Shattered’ Pike/Pine stars in Mercedes-Benz ad

  1. What Autoblog says about the MB GLA:

    There are some things Mercedes does really well. Going cheap is not one of them. The GLA250 starts at $32,250. That seems pretty reasonable, for a Mercedes. The model I drove in 2015 had very few options, meaning its price was right near that base MSRP, and it felt like it. The GLA250’s 208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque aren’t enough to get excited about, and its seven-speed automatic transmission struggles to serve up the exact amount of acceleration its driver is calling for. Worse yet, its ride is rough, somehow managing to feel both bouncy and jarring at the same time.

    Mercedes-Benz makes some very good vehicles – in fact, the German automaker also makes the best car I drove in 2015 – but the GLA isn’t one of them. If you’re shopping for a new crossover and want to stay under $40,000, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. Perhaps at your nearest Mazda dealership, where you could buy an absolutely loaded CX-5 for the same price as a stripped GLA. You’d surely enjoy a much better driving experience if you’re willing to forego the three-pointed badge in this price bracket.

  2. Cars! Smashing everything in their path! Not sure if that’s what they were going for but it kinda just looks like the car is ruining the neighborhood.

  3. The locations were paid. As was the crew, some of who rely on commercial shoots like these to keep working in the independent film world. Ironically, the local Mercedes dealership was here before the cool kids or the gentrifiers.

    • ugh, stop with your rational line of thinking. don’t you know that capitol hill was always a small, gated community populated only by lgbt, the poor and artists (many of those three overlapping); since way back in the 1800s?

      and until amazon came to town (in 2012) the only businesses on the hill were small, locally owned establishments where you could buy a dress shirt for $2.50, a burger for a dollar and a beer, during happy hour, was just a nickel. and landlords actually paid you to live in their apartments.

      gentrification (and a fuzzy memory of the past) kills all the good things.

  4. That ad is incredibly unsettling in places…it looks like they are driving around, firing a gun into windows, etc. Not really appropriate given the gun violence around here.

    • For reals? Oh my gawd….Looks to me like things shattering.

      The way you think, we can find something violent about EVERYTHING! Lighten up, Babygurl.