911 bombarded with Capitol Hill calls after more middle-of-the-night fireworks

In the grand scheme of things, finding out those booms in the night are fireworks and not gunfire could bring a sense of relief. But after another night of sleep-shattering booms on Capitol Hill, we’ve heard from a lot of you with questions about what, exactly, is happening with all of the pyrotechnical activity going on around the neighborhood.

We don’t know either. But we do know the CHS inbox and Twitter feed blew up with reports of loud explosions again Tuesday morning. According to East Precinct radio (listen above), 911 calls “spiked” to more than 20 reports of the overnight explosions. Here is one of the emails we received:

Have you heard anything about the loud explosions/fireworks early this morning around the block of Harvard/Boylston and mercer/Roy? There were a series of probably a dozen between 2am and 3am. It wasn’t the first I’ve heard them in the area around that time, but definitely the most extreme.  Not fun waking up to a game of “gunshots or fireworks?” Curious, irritated, concerned and very tired.

Another reader sent in these photos showing debris and smoke before police checked things out on Broadway overnight:

Random fireworks are a regular occurrence around Capitol Hill (just check out our #scanner reports). But in the past few days, there is either one person with a new arsenal, or a lot of people celebrating early Lunar New Year. Here’s one tub of fireworks reportedly found near 14th and Malden after firework went off Saturday night:

The person who reported the box said he wasn’t contacted by police.

SPD says it has responded to the complaints but so far there doesn’t appear to be a concerted effort to do more than make sure people are safe and things have quieted down. The city’s noise complaint page is here but you are encouraged to call 911 if you hear something out of the ordinary.

Short of wishing karmic retribution, there isn’t much to be done but continue to call 911 to report the noise or, if you happen to be acquainted with somebody who enjoys lighting things off, encouraging them to find a new hobby. Or at least consider picking another time of day. A 7 AM wake-up call, perhaps?

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

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11 thoughts on “911 bombarded with Capitol Hill calls after more middle-of-the-night fireworks

  1. 14th and Malden run parallel for many blocks. Is there an intersection for these two streets? I live on 14th and would gladly be on the look out.

  2. This has been happening for years. I live near Top Pot and pretty much every single night there are fireworks set off. The Police don’t give a damn. When you call them about fireworks they pretty much tell you to get lost. It’ll take an apartment building fire and a lot of dead bodies before they enforce the law.

    • Gah! Yes! I lived near top pot for several years but moved this last spring. I remember the last two years in a row for weeks after both New Years and 4th of July there was a massive boom in the middle of the night every night that would wake us up with a jolt. Terrifying every time! Glad I don’t live over there this year but sad to hear it’s still happening for people in that area. It was SO loud. It must be the same people every year.

  3. The U-District has it far worse in terms of random fireworks, and they’re usually much louder and rattle the windows. Enough complaining!

  4. Not understanding the excitement factor of setting off fireworks period. Plus they cost money. And can be dangerous. Oh wait, spending money on crap and danger is exciting for some people. Plus the bonus of pissing people off. What a trifecta of pleasure.

  5. There were so many on Mon/Tues night I wondered if it was a terrorist attack. I was scared. But then didn’t hear any ER wagons, so I “relaxed.” Very upsetting.

  6. This happens ALL the time. I saw a large group of about 10 of twenty-somethings setting off fireworks at Melrose and Thomas at 3am.

    People also like to throw fireworks in dumpsters near city market.

    At worst fireworks happen a couple times a week waking up the whole neighborhood :(