Sisters to hospital after hit by driver in Broadway crosswalk

A woman in her 60s and her sister were rushed to the hospital after being struck in a crosswalk Tuesday afternoon at Broadway and Republican. The driver was believed to have been traveling around 30 MPH at the time of the collision, according to witnesses.

According to Seattle Fire dispatches, medics were told the woman was thrown around 10 feet by the impact with the car that struck both women as they crossed with the light on the west side of Broadway. Seattle Police were at the scene to investigate. The crash briefly blocked the southbound lane of Broadway.

According to Seattle Fire, the woman suffered facial lacerations but did not lose consciousness. Her sister was also struck and was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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20 thoughts on “Sisters to hospital after hit by driver in Broadway crosswalk

  1. Just wish the mayor would start having the police watching the crosswalks . In the south lake Union
    Area it’s terrible some times in the crosswalks.
    They make huge amounts of serious cash in fines
    Most days on Dexter.
    Too bad for the ladies I hope they both have a full fast recovery .

  2. I watched a driver run a red light today in the neighborhood while looking down at his phone. Luckily there was nobody in the crosswalk.
    Get your heads out of your asses people!

    • I watch people do that daily. I also watch pedestrians walk out into the street doing the same, without even a glance. But, I’ll give it to the cyclists, when they break the traffic laws they’re not looking at their phones – they’re fully paying attention when they do it.

    • This is totally the right thread to point out that yes, everyone else is terrible.

      You’re the real hero in all of this, the message board poster who points out the terrible act of an individual.

      Maybe we should all share anecdotes: I saw a guy walk across a street without using the intersection! Lucky there were no bikers to run him down. He’s probably a Trump supporter, or Hitler.

    • I think you’re missing the point is that everyone needs to pay attention so that needless collisions like this don’t continue to happen. It’s not just the driver’s responsibility (even if it may have been their fault in this incident) – it’s everyone’s responsibility!

    • @AbleDanger

      Cyclists that break the law while taking all variables into consideration don’t bother me at all. Rolling through a vacant 4-way stop is much less worrisome than jackasses texting while blowing red lights. Not all traffic violations were created equal.

    • You need to take into consideration what the consequences of your actions are for yourself and FOR OTHERS. Someone walking distracted may get injured or killed. Someone driving distracted or poorly is more likely to kill someone else.

  3. The driver is the only one of the three who has a lethal weapon at his/her hands. I think generally there’s a higher duty of care there.

  4. “Crossed with the light” means what? The women jaywalker on a green light? Or they had the crosswalk light and the driver ran a red light?

    • I wondered about this too. If the women were crossing on the white “walk” icon, the driver of the car was either turning off of Broadway, or he/she was on Republican and ran a red light. But IF the women were crossing on the red “don’t walk” icon, they were partly responsible for what happened. Even then, the driver should have given them the right-of-way.

    • I’m missing the part where it says the women were or weren’t crossing with the light.

      From what I’ve seen, it’s mostly the young jerks who don’t think the crossing rules apply to them. Most older folks seem to know not to step off the curb if the orange hand is blinking. Just sayin…

  5. Also, It was very sunny this afternoon. Guessing the driver’s sight could have been impaired from the low sun. I hope this sister’s heel well and quickly.

    • You make a good point: the low sun did have an extreme impact on visibility today. Cycling from 12th to Broadway on Mercer today, I could barely see oncoming traffic.

      Poor excuse, though. Whether you’re cycling or driving, if the sun’s in your eyes, you slow down.

    • If this driver was really going anywhere near 30 mph, they had to be driving either Northbound or Southbound on Broadway. Can’t blame bright sun for this one– that only gets you if you’re pointing Westbound in the afternoon. If they really were traveling 30mph Westbound from the sidestreet (Republican), that’s even more insane.

  6. Totally a pass on aiming a deadly vehicle into a crowd if you can’t see the crowd! What is one to do if you can’t see where your lethal weapon is pointed? Maybe give a quick honk right? herrrd

  7. With as many bikes and pedestrians around, 30 MPH is too fast for Broadway. Cars need to slow down, pedestrians need to look both ways and bikes need to observe the laws.