CHS Pics | ‘Notice and act’ on First Hill

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With the waves of development sweeping across Capitol Hill, a peculiar art form has also developed. The “land use notice” sign hack. Most barely rise above tagging with an occasional anti-gentrification or “die yuppie scum” message.

Screen-Shot-2016-01-26-at-3.04.59-PM-600x395Reader Paul shares this well thought out example from First Hill of the art in its highest form:

Have you seen that someone whited out most of the black and white development notice sign in front of the Frye Museum parking lot, the location of a pending residential development which you have reported on? It’s cool and apt and arch.

The development set to someday replace the sign along with the Frye’s parking lot is envisioned as “two towers that lean away from each other as they rise 33 stories high and connect at the top by a thin walkway.” It will include 450 apartment units and, yes, additional approval is required.

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One thought on “CHS Pics | ‘Notice and act’ on First Hill

  1. It’s clever, but in the case of this particular development, it’s a pretty bad message. I’d rather build high-density residential than have a parking lot.

    I also live adjacent to the proposed development. YIMBY.