Capitol Hill not part of Seattle’s biggest earthquake preparedness drill

Hubs2015Map-FINALThe largest earthquake drill in Pacific Northwest history is taking place this week and includes residents gathering at neighborhood hubs to act out emergency scenarios. But you won’t find a meet-up on Capitol Hill.

Last year the group Capitol Hill Prepares dissolved its earthquake preparedness activities as a city-identified “Hub” and shut down its website and social media accounts due to a lack of involvement.

Neighborhood Hubs and Seattle Neighborhood’s Actively Prepare groups are intended to be the main units of organizing emergency preparedness in the city, developed by the Office of Emergency Management. Hubs are organized around pre-determined locations where neighbors agree to meet to share information and resources.

Currently Capitol Hill has no active Hub groups. Madison Park has the closest Hub participating in the June 11th drill.

The bulk of the Cascadia Rising drill has taken place behind the scenes this week among government and emergency management agencies across the Pacific Northwest. The exercise simulated an emergency response coordination following a 9.0 earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Seattle Fire Department will conduct helicopter drills from the Port of Seattle’s Terminal 5 on Saturday.

You can learn more here about building emergency kits and preparing your home in the case of a disaster.

UPDATE 6/10/2016: The person fighting to expand her Broadway Pride street festival into a second day is also stepping up to make Capitol Hill part of Saturday’s earthquake drill:

Cascadia Rising Earthquake Simulation

June 11, 2016

Cal Anderson Park by the shelter house.

with the
CAP-SNAP – Capitol Hill SNAP Disaster Preparedness Group

Meet your neighbor, test your preparedness and plan for the big one!

Chances are, you or someone close to you has medical experience, training, technical skills, experience or equipment that is needed in times of emergency.

Come join the CAP-SNAP Network!

SNAP or Seattle Neighborhood’s Actively Prepare is a city Emergency disaster preparedness plan where groups or SNAP are main units of organizing around locations where neighbors agree to meet and share information and resources to prepare themselves on how to react in emergency situations, so residents can react quickly and appropriately when a real emergency situation occurs.

Currently Capitol Hill has NO SNAP groups although in the past there were Hubs at Cal Anderson Park, Volunteer Park and Miller Playfield.


“Using the safety plan experience and existing network of the Capitol Hill Pride Festival March and Rally – the largest community event on Capitol Hill with residences and businesses, the festival is spring boarding the development of a Disaster Preparedness Group, hopefully permanently and again establishing Cal Anderson Park as a Hub or meeting place to share resources and prepare for emergencies in one of Seattle’s most densely populated neighborhoods,” the announcement from Charlette Lefevre reads.

“We would like as many Neighborhood Leaders, Activists, businesses, organizations, residents, students and youth as possible to participate,” she writes.

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One thought on “Capitol Hill not part of Seattle’s biggest earthquake preparedness drill

  1. I think we all know that in the event of a devastating natural disaster the survivors on the Hill can subsist for weeks on stockpiled mustache wax, tattoo ink, fixie bike grease, and foraged kegs of PBR.