CHS Pics | E John’s little pink house now a lot beige

That Pink House. No More

Monday, the Seattle City Council finalized landmarks status for two 100+ year-old Capitol Hill houses affording the structure protection from future changes and development. A Capitol Hill landmark house of a different sort along E John is showing off a different look this week. The little pink house just west east of Capitol Hill Station is suddenly much more subdued. These images from the CHS Flickr pool show the pink house has gone beige. A cursory check of land records doesn’t show anything significant up with the property still held by the owner that acquired the puny 700-square-foot, 1906 built house in 2010. Today, it stands sandwiched between an alley and a microhousing development to its west. When inevitable redevelopment comes for its parcel, the little house wouldn’t stand a chance of winning official landmarks status. But some of us will remember how very pink it was.

Pink Fairy, Beige House

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