Portage Bay crow-feeding family settles lawsuit with neighbors

img_0522-1An out of court settlement has been reached in the 2015 civil lawsuit neighbors filed against the Portage Bay parents of a girl who made their block a veritable crow haunt.

According to the attorney for the neighbors who filed the lawsuit, the girl’s parents agreed to pay “a sum of money” and to “severely restrict their bird feeding activities for the following eight years” in exchange for having the civil suit against them dropped in this wealthy neighborhood just off the north slope of Capitol Hill.

“My clients are very happy to have peace restored to the neighborhood,” said Seattle attorney Anna Johnsen.

In February 2015, 8-year-old Gabi Mann became was a worldwide sensation for her love of crows. But it turned out that, locally, neighbors weren’t as excited.

In a King County civil case filed that August, Matt Ashbach and Christine Yokan sued E Shelby neighbors Lisa and Gary Mann over the alleged “large-scale systematic crow and pigeon feeding operation.”

Complaints in the lawsuit were over issues you might expect: bird excrement, noise, and the arrival of other vermin.

The plaintiffs sought an injunction limiting the family to “no more than a quarter pound of food per day to local wildlife,” $200,000 in damages, attorney’s fees, and “further relief as may be just and warranted.”

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7 thoughts on “Portage Bay crow-feeding family settles lawsuit with neighbors

  1. Probably should have sued the crows. On second thought, those little bastards are easily smart enough to get through law school, so the people would probably lose. I am very careful to stay on the good side of the crows around my building, but I would never feed them.