Leave Paul Allen out of it: Ask for an I-5 lid study

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

Nobody needs Paul Allen to pay for building a new lid over I-5 — not yet, at least. Nope. All we need at this point is a public benefit investment of less than 1/10th of a percent of the $1.6 billion Washington State Convention Center expansion to fund a $1 million study of lidding I-5 thus renewing the severed historical bonds between Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Eastlake, and downtown Seattle and ushering in an era of peace and prosperity in the central city.

CHS wrote here about the quest for the lid plan to be included in the project’s public benefits package. Wednesday night, you can attend a WSCC expansion open house just down the Hill and/or let the Seattle Design Commission know your thoughts via email at SDC_Administration@seattle.gov.

WSCC Public Benefits Open House

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5 thoughts on “Leave Paul Allen out of it: Ask for an I-5 lid study

  1. Just want to point out that the WSCC is not being magnanimous here. They’re spending tax revenue. The $1.6 billion is public money, and the WSCC is a public facilities district. While community groups have to plead their case to get scraps from this project, the WSCC gets a 7% sales tax on hotel room stays to fund massive expansions in perpetuity. What we really need is to question whether the $1.6 billion convention center expansion constitutes a public benefit.

  2. The “open letter” that Dan Savage wrote was ridiculous click bait and came across as childish. Although I highly doubt Paul Allen reads ‘The Stranger’, it probably did more harm than good towards actually getting Paul on board with the project. However, I can’t disagree that some private money to help move this much needed project forward would be welcome. If this actually goes forward, this project will be a massive financial win for Paul Allen and anyone else who owns property surrounding the lid. It would seem from a purely investment standpoint, it would be in his/Vulcan’s best interest to contribute to the cause.