Capitol Hill Community Post | Cary Moon, Urban Planner and Civic Leader, Launches Campaign for Mayor of Seattle

From Cary Moon for Mayor

unnamed (42)Urban planner and civic leader Cary Moon is running for Mayor of Seattle. She is launching with an innovative campaign that reflects her inclusive, collaborative approach – including a detailed statement of her vision and solutions to Seattle’s biggest challenges, a Virtual Town Hall open to everyone on April 27, and an intensive listening tour reaching every neighborhood in Seattle.

“I’m running for Mayor because I feel an immense duty and responsibility to ensure Seattle, our beautiful, vibrant, diverse city, works for everyone. I will listen and take honest stock of the challenges facing our city, and I will use my expertise as an urban planner, engineer and civic leader to develop strategies that strike Seattle’s problems at their root cause, not just address the symptoms.Seattle’s prosperity should provide shared opportunity and success for everyone, not just the wealthy elite. We can’t let the future of our city be sold to the highest bidder. We all belong here, and deserve a voice in shaping our city’s future. ”

Cary Moon’s Vision For Seattle

 Her detailed policy statement offers concrete steps and ideas to address the problems, not just the symptoms, underlying Seattle’s biggest challenges. She proposes real steps to fix the underlying issues contributing to traffic congestion, expensive rents for people and small businesses, surging homelessness, gender and racial inequity, and economic disparity. For example, on the lack of affordable housing:

“Seattle has become one of the most expensive cities in the country. More than half of Seattle renters pay more than they can reasonably afford for housing. Too many are living on the edge, just one unexpected bill away from not making rent and facing eviction. Working people, people of color, LGBTQ people, young families and seniors are being pushed out of our city. That is not who we are. People who work in Seattle should be able to afford to live in Seattle. If we don’t solve this problem now, in just a few years the majority of Seattle’s workforce — and our children — will be forced to live outside the city. We have the tools to start fixing this problem; we just need the collective will and courage to stop favoring the interests of profiteers and start putting people and families first.”

Cary Moon’s Experience and Background

Cary Moon has decades of experience working on systemic solutions to urban problems. She is a civic leader and policy expert who has helped develop solutions to some of Seattle’s biggest challenges. Cary received The Stranger’s “Political Genius” award, was named “Citizen of the Year” by the Municipal League of King County, was honored as “Change Agent of the Year” by Real Change and was recognized as one of “Seattle’s Most Influential People” by Seattle Magazine.

“For years I have worked as a civic leader and policy expert to develop solutions to some of Seattle’s biggest challenges. I have worked both behind the scenes with city stakeholders and community advocates, and on the front lines with grassroots activists, to achieve sustainable and equitable development, protect public spaces and keep our government accountable to the people.”

She is a member of (but currently on a leave of absence from) the Board of Directors of the Progress Alliance and the One Center City Advisory Board. Cary Moon may be best known for leading the advocacy effort for a highway-free waterfront and transit-based urban transportation solution to replace the Seattle Viaduct.

Growing up, Cary Moon was part of her family’s small manufacturing business that was partly owned by its 100 employees. She worked as an engineer in manufacturing companies and at the US Department of Labor. Cary Moon holds a BS in Engineering (Operations Engineering) from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Pennsylvania. She lives in Pike Place Market neighborhood with her husband Mark and two children.                             

Cary Moon’s Campaign

 Cary Moon is committed to full transparency, accountability and integrity as a candidate for public office. She is launching her campaign with a Virtual Town Hall on Thursday, April 27 at 6pm, so that everyone has the opportunity to ask her questions about her vision for Seattle, and share their ideas about solutions to the tough issues facing our rapidly growing city. Then she will launch a listening tour, asking for the concerns and ideas of Seattleites in coffee shops, neighborhood parks, homes, small businesses and community centers around the city.

“I’m not beholden to any special interests, which means I will listen to everyone and make the hard decisions needed to solve Seattle’s toughest problems. I look forward to talking with Seattleites — families, communities, organizations and businesses — to ensure everyone’s voice is heard on the future of our city, and develop solutions together. We all belong here, and have an equal right to help shape our shared future. In the coming weeks and months, I will be in every neighborhood to hear your ideas about the challenges we face, and share the solutions I’ve been working on to make Seattle work for all of us.”

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