Capitol Hill Community Post | Mayor Murray Abuse Claims

From Sara Mae, 701 Coffee

I remember the first time I read a news article referencing “Mayor Murray, and the First Gentleman.” It brought tears to my eyes. Watching Mayor Murray, and his Husband walk up to the podium in front of our city, state, and national news holding hands, openly showing their gay affection in front of the entire world is a testament to how far we have come in our great country. But there is much more work to do. I took great Pride in voting for you. And there is no other time in the history of our species that I would rather be alive than 2017. There is so much hope, and possibly for us to better ourselves individually, and as a species.

Currently Queer folks like myself, a transsexual female, are fighting for the Civil Right to use public restrooms without the threat of arrest, and attack. All under the guise of protecting women and children from our so-called perverse life, there are politicians, and church leaders fighting to exclude people like me from the simple dignified act of relieving ourselves.

There are record numbers of Queer youth living on the streets of Seattle, and across the nation that are in desperate need of as many Elected champions we can muster as a community.

There is simply to much at stake in all of this, to many lives that are already suffering daily under the dark cloud of systemic Gay/Trans bigotry and all other intersectional oppressions stemming from that which are designed to deprive hope, and opportunity from Our Community. We simply cannot stand the trauma of another layer added to it. Our Community—mine and yours—have suffered great trauma nationally, and around the world with being hit by a barrage of associations of Our Community too rapists, and pedophiles.

These accusations against you will be worked out in the courts in their due time. Please consider that you aren’t the only one in all of this. Many in our community simply don’t have the time for these accusations to wind their way through the courts. We need a LGBTQ Leader that can stand in the face of this Systemic Hate on firm ground. And you are currently not standing on firm ground.

Please, for not just yourself, and your husband, but for Our Community, take a step back, assess the situation, and don’t run a second term.

Be well,
Sara Mae
701 Coffee

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