2017 Primary Election Results: Durkan, Moon, Oliver lead in mayor’s race

Former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan showed off her political strength and Seattle’s progressive left now knows who it will need to rally around to defeat her following Tuesday night’s first counts in the August primary. Meanwhile, history was also a winner Tuesday: Seattle is now on its way to electing its first woman mayor since 1926.

Urbanist and civic leader Cary Moon is on track to join Durkan in the November race to lead the city after garnering 15.56% of ballots tallied, leading Nikkita Oliver by only around 1,400 votes. The top two candidates will advance through to November’s General Election.

You can read more about Durkan our CHS Q&A with the candidate here and our interview with Moon here. CHS spoke with Oliver about her candidacy here.

For the complete results including Port of Seattle and Seattle school board positions, visit kingcounty.gov.

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7 thoughts on “2017 Primary Election Results: Durkan, Moon, Oliver lead in mayor’s race

  1. Good job progressives. You voted for the establishment big momey candidate. She whole heatedly accepted Ed Murray’s endorsement. Any dignified candidate would say thanks, but no thanks.

    • Thanks and you’re welcome. Here’s where some of the self-righteous & self-appointed “Guardians of Progressivism®” get their first clue that:
      A) They don’t always get to decide for the whole city what “Progressive” means to everybody, and “how Progressive is Progressive enough?”; and
      B) Just because it plays well in the echo-chamber of Capitol Hill doesn’t mean the rest of the City of Seattle feels compelled to eat that Big Bowl of Bullshit™ with a big spoon.

      Or in other words– does this mean it might be time for a reality check?

    • An “establishment candidate” can sometimes be very capable and progressive, and I think this is the case for Jenny Durkan. I think she has the potential to be a really great mayor, and she is a “better fit” for ALL of Seattle than the other candidates.