$2.75 — Metro will have simplified fare structure starting next summer

If the complicated pricing of transit zones and peak fares were keeping you from enjoying the services of King County Metro, boy is 2018 going to be a good year for you.

The King County Council Monday voted on a new flat pricing for Metro transit fares — $2.75.

“We’ve heard from the community, and we are responding by making riding Metro Transit in King County easier and more convenient,” said Rod Dembowski, chair of the county council’s transportation committee and prime sponsor of the legislation, said. “Riders, especially ones new to the system, should have the confidence to board a Metro bus and know the required fare. I hope the flat fare makes using Metro more understandable and encourages first-time users to ride Metro.”

“The new fare plan eliminates a payment system that fluctuated between time and distance and could cost an adult rider between the ages 19-64 anywhere from $2.50 to $3.25 a ride,” the county said in its announcement.

The new adult fare also will not affect the roughly Metro riders who pay ORCA Lift—Metro’s low income fare program— or youth, senior, and disabled fares. The agency says roughly 2/3 of its riders will pay the standard adult fare.

The new flat rate goes into effect starting July 2018.

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5 thoughts on “$2.75 — Metro will have simplified fare structure starting next summer

  1. Will Metro still do transfers valid for 2 hours still? For use on multiple bus rides? The PR said each ride is $2.75 and I can’t find any info on this.

    Will Orca Cards still maintain the transfers for 2 hours (once paying the difference between light rail value and the 2.75)?

    Please let me know. I could call Metro but commenting here as affects others.

  2. I look to this blog as a news source and was suggesting information that may be relevant for the journalist to gather. The answer would best be communicated by the actual journalist not a random commenter such as myself. If you want me to look up the information for you and you trust my answer, you can pay me with actual money, not snark.