Attention Capitol Hill QFC shoppers who carry reusable bags while shopping…

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While you’re finishing shopping for your Friendsgiving feast, be aware of this note just sent to CHS from QFC HQ about upcoming changes:

Beginning late next week, customers at our QFC stores may notice some new signage asking them to only use shopping carts or hand baskets while shopping in our stores. With our busy stores, especially during the holidays, we want to ensure that all of our customers have a pleasant and easy shopping experience. At times, the process of unloading and reloading reusable bags at the register slows down the checkout process and causes delays.

The spokesperson tells CHS that the Ohio-based grocery chain is “not the only retailer to implement this change.” We asked if “lost prevention” was also a factor in the decision. “There are other benefits to this policy,” the spokesperson said, “but the main reason is customer convenience.”

Now you’ll just need to find an unused basket or cart. Good luck.

The move follows some more customer experience streamlining after QFC stores on Capitol Hill shifted from 24-hour operations to closing at 1 AM earlier this year.

UPDATE: E Madison’s Central Co-op weighs in: “We do prefer that people use shopping carts and baskets instead of shopping into their personal re-useable bags. It helps to prevent confusion at the registers.”


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12 thoughts on “Attention Capitol Hill QFC shoppers who carry reusable bags while shopping…

  1. Yo, QFC folk! I’ll make you a deal. I’ll stop using my bags to collect groceries if you will put back the baskets that used to be available throughout your stores and keep carts at every entry. I grew tired of having to search for something to carry my purchases in. Thanks.

  2. Also, while we’re having a dialogue, QFC, how about making sure there’s always some paper bags near the mushrooms? There aren’t any, like, 80% of the time.

    Many times I just skip buying bulk mushrooms altogether RATHER THAN PUT THEM IN A PLASTIC BAG LIKE SOME KIND OF ANIMAL.

  3. OK, but if there aren’t any baskets or carts when we arrive at QFC then this better mean that we have free license to fashion a hobo bindle out of any and all items in the floral dept that they keep in the entryway to trip shoplifters.

    • I would too, but it’s not going to happen. Non-service dogs, and their owners, have been given free reign at the Broadway Market store for years. Management is unwilling to confront the offenders and instead they just look the other way.

    • It’s not just QFC – at Safeway they put up all sorts of signs about what constitutes a service dog and how you aren’t allowed to bring your pets in, but they’ve done zero to enforce it…

      Most people simply have no clue about what a service animal really is (it has to be trained to do a specific task/s for it’s owner – emotional support animals *are not* service animals and may be legally excluded from businesses) and are afraid they can be sued for discrimination for simply asking about the animal – which is wrong. You are not allowed to ask the person about their disability but you may ask about what the animal is trained to do.

      Any animal, even a legitimate service animal, may be asked to leave if it misbehaves.

  4. I ahve been shopping for upteen years with reusable bags and have used only carts unless it is one or two items (I don’t put them in bags either.) This seems like common sense, If there is a problem with cart availability then the store is responsible to solve that problem. I don’t think I have ever seen someone taking groceries out of a bag at the cash register, only putting items in after checkout.

  5. “Now you’ll just need to find an unused basket or cart. Good luck.” That’s a problem? I’ve never had an issue finding either. Of course they don’t want people using their own bags. They want to stop theft.

  6. You should try looking sketchy when shopping into reusable bags! Some people don’t have the privelege to put expensive bottles of wine and organic groceries groceries into cute reusable canvas bags. Sorry somebody told you that you can’t do something!