Please report your paintball gun-toting asshole friends who drive a red Fiat to police, thanks

If you know assholes with a paintball gun who like to shoot at people from a red Fiat, give SPD a call. 9-1-1 works fine. They’re looking for information after a string of reported paintball drive-bys around Capitol Hill last week.

On Monday, November 20th around 9:30 PM, three people reported to Seattle University campus security that they were shot at by a male and his crew of cool friends in a red car on 12th Ave.

Police responded to another paintball shooting on 13th Ave near Pine on Tuesday night around 10 PM in which a male was hit in the leg. While police responded to that call, another reported shooting in South Seattle provided police with a partial plate of the vehicle used in that attack.

More reports came in Wednesday around 11:20 AM, with paintball incidents reported at 12th and Jefferson and then another at 12th and Cherry. “Both community members reported having paintballs fired at them from a moving vehicle,” according to security bulletin sent to the Seattle U campus.

“The Seattle Police Department is aware of the issue and has received multiple independent reports of similar incidents occurring along 12th and 13th Avenue,” Seattle U’s bulletin reads.

According to one SPD report on the incidents, the plate on the vehicle being used in the paintball shootings is registered as a red 2015 Fiat 500L.


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4 thoughts on “Please report your paintball gun-toting asshole friends who drive a red Fiat to police, thanks

    • SPD spokesperson said with only partial ID of the plate, department is continuing to gather evidence in the case before it can make any arrests, etc. Reading between lines, they don’t have enough evidence beyond a witness providing a partial plate identification… yet. Pictures/video, tips could help.