Two days, two pedestrians hit on Capitol Hill streets

A pedestrian was injured after being struck by a driver Thursday afternoon at Broadway and John, a Capitol Hill intersection already targeted for safety improvements due to recent collisions and close calls and increased activity in the area around Capitol Hill Station.

Seattle Fire and police were called to the busy intersection just after 1:30 PM to the reported collision. According to Seattle Fire, the person who was struck was being transported to Harborview. We should know more about the patient and their condition soon. UPDATE: SFD tells us the person struck was an adult female who was transported to Harborview in stable condition. A witness report via Facebook said the woman may have suffered pelvic injuries.

The Thursday afternoon incident marked the second pedestrian hit on a Capitol Hill street in the last 24 hours. Around 10 PM Wednesday, police tell CHS a woman in her 20s was struck by a vehicle while crossing in the crosswalk at 10th and Pine at a busy crossing near Cal Anderson.

She suffered what was described as minor injuries. SPD says the driver was cited for failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian and using an electronic device while driving. The driver was looking at a phone when the collision occurred, police say.

As in the Broadway collision, the busy crossing at 10th and Pine has, of course, been the site of similar incidents in the past.

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6 thoughts on “Two days, two pedestrians hit on Capitol Hill streets

  1. This time of year when it’s so dark and wet…and everybody insists on wearing black anyway…I’ve started driving with my windows down even if it’s raining. It’s just too easy to miss somebody in the pillars of your windshield, or through wet door windows.

    • Dark at 1:30 in the afternoon…. it gets dark early here in the winter but *not* that early…… and the other that actually was during dark hours was busted for distracted driving (using an electronic device).

      Do us all a favor and don’t even remotely try to make this about the pedestrians, just *always* drive like you understand you are piloting a potentially deadly weapon, so yeah be extra vigilant.

  2. The city needs to hurry up and fix this intersection. It is so dangerous. Install the all-walk signals and go to left-turn only for cars turning north on Broadway from E Olive.

    While we’re at it, who came up with that bikelane idea on Broadway, and why does the streetcar not have a dedicated lane? Do we need new transit planners?

  3. Pedestrians need to remember (myself included!) that just because you have the right of way that you should still be on the lookout for cars and bikes. And likewise bikes need to be on the lookout for cars. You may have a right to be in the crosswalk, bike lane, etc, but being dead right doesn’t do anyone any good.

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