Blotter | Victim reports hate crime in Broadway pepper spray assault

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  • Broadway pepper spray assault: A man reported a possible hate crime after a pepper spray attack last Thursday night on Capitol Hill. Police and Seattle Fire were called to CC Attle’s on E Olive Way around 8:30 PM on December 7th to a report that a man had been pepper sprayed in the face. The victim told police he believed he was attacked because he is gay:

    Police say the victim described his attacker as an unknown race male, 5’10”, with a slim build and dreadlocks. He was wearing a dark overcoat at the time of the assault. Seattle Fire responded but the victim did not need to be taken to the hospital. SPD is investigating. There were no immediate arrests reported.

  • QFC ‘crack’ assault: An employee at the Harvard Market QFC suffered an unusual assault after trying to deal with an unwanted visitor to the Pike and Broadway store last Friday. Police and Seattle fire were called to the scene just before noon to a report the employee was feeling dizzy after having what he believed to have been crack cocaine smoke blown in his face while trying to remove a trespasser from the property. SFD was called to treat the employee. We do not know what the substance was determined to be. There were no arrests.
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4 thoughts on “Blotter | Victim reports hate crime in Broadway pepper spray assault

  1. Interjecting yourself into someone else’s argument and then telling them to “calm down” is a recipe for disaster. Never in the history of the world has telling someone to calm down, actually lead to them calming down.

    • Not necessarily true. You just don’t tend to hear about the times it was effective. Also, while I thought something similar, that’s about my choice not to interject. Otherwise it comes off as victim blaming, and we wouldn’t want to do that, would we?

    • I’d still rather live in a city full of well-intentioned people who at least *try* to help, than a city full of people who watch someone get the shit beat out of them while tons of people walk by “minding their own business”.