CHS Pics | Hillary Clinton draws a crowd — and cookies, capes, and cheers — on Seattle’s Capitol Hill

Bigly loser Hillary Clinton still has lots of fans on Capitol Hill. Readers carrying her new book, What Happened, lined up on a chilly Tuesday outside 10th Ave’s Elliott Bay Book Company where the politician who nearly became the nation’s first woman president made a signing appearance.

Plenty of Capitol Hill luminaries found a place in line. Some like Linda Derschang whose Little Oddfellows operates inside the bookstore, came armed with gifts like HRC cookies. Others let their Hillary Clinton super capes do the talking.

Monday night, Clinton appeared at the Paramount to talk about the new book and her campaign against Donald Trump. “The more professionally successful we are, the less people like us,” Clinton said, according to the Seattle Times account of the night. “Women are seen favorably when they’re advocating for others, but unfavorably when we advocate for ourselves.”

Hillary wasn’t the first Clinton to make a signing appearance at Elliott Bay. Bill Clinton graced 10th Ave with this presence in January 2016.

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