The four things CHS subscribers do

CHS has been back on the neighborhood news beat for two months and we’re still adding new subscribers. As of Tuesday afternoon, 680 of you are paying for access to neighborhood news and information dedicated to Capitol Hill. We’re inching up on our goals of 2,000 subscribers but we have a long, long way to go. It’s going to take some time. Maybe it’s your turn today to join others in being an even bigger part of CHS.

We now have two options for subscriptions — please consider becoming a CHS subscriber today:

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CHS Subscribers…

  • Value journalism: CHS reports above and beyond the press releases and media events that drive so much of the coverage in television and Seattle’s remaining print media. We have stories you won’t read about anywhere else and are we are relentless in our coverage of the neighborhood with more than 100 original reports on the people, places, and things you care about every month.
  • Love Capitol Hill: You know it’s not always easy to like the neighborhood but we are here because it’s the best place we’ve found to be with the people we love and respect. We also have plenty of love for Central District and First Hill neighbors. OK… Montlake, too :)
  • Depend on CHS: We’re not always first, we’re not always best, but often we’re the only ones there on important stories — big and small — for the neighborhood.
  • Help us be there for everybody: We have a model that keeps us in business even if every subscriber only pays $1 a month. Of course, we’d need 5,000 of you but… you get the idea. We’re a lean, mean neighborhood news machine that has survived a decade in the business. We still sell what we believe to be very affordable advertising opportunities to local shops, restaurants, and organizations but we do it in a locally friendly way without endless sales calls or email campaigns bombarding local merchants. When you subscribe, you help us keep CHS an open site, available and affordable to everybody. You also help other CHS subscribers make their dollars count. We don’t need much. But we do need you.


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