Blotter | Violent 23rd/Pike street robbery, Harvard Market stairs assault, Neumos fire alarm

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  • Robbery and assault: Police are looking for the suspect in a Saturday night, January 6th incident in which a woman said she was followed, attacked, and threatened with sexual assault in an armed robbery reported at 23rd and E Pike. The woman said she was walking home from work just before 9 PM when she noticed she was being followed:
    The victim told police the attack quickly escalated:
    She told police she was able to fight off the suspect:Police say the suspect made off with her bag containing a computer and personal items. The victim was able to provide police with a detailed suspect description:
    We are not aware of any arrest in the case.
  • Harvard Market beating: A man suffered a possible serious neck injury, along with a concussion and a large cut to his face when he was beaten and pushed down approximately 10 stairs when trying to break up a fight at the Harvard Market parking lot above Pike and Broadway just before 2 AM Saturday morning:
    Police were looking for a blue Ford Crown Victoria the suspect was seen leaving the area in. Police were also looking for possible video of surveillance from the scene. There were no immediate arrests. The victim was transported to Harborview for treatment of his injuries.
  • Pike/Pine robbery: The victim in the robbery never saw the weapon — or the people who held him up — but a witness told police the victim was robbed by a group with a handgun in an incident around 10th and Pike just before midnight Saturday. According to SPD radio dispatches, police found the victim at 10th and Pike but he was unable to provide much information other than a silver iPhone had been stolen. Police got a better description of the group from a restaurant employee who saw the robbery and were able to track down one man matching the description of someone in the group. He was taken into custody for investigation of robbery and an outstanding warrant. The phone was not recovered. Earlier in the night, police responded to a similar stick-up at 6th and Olive.
  • Earring thief: The suspect in a Thursday January 11th shoplifting incident at the Capitol Hill Goodwill made quite the scene after being confronted about her suspected theft of earrings by employees:Employees told police the suspect was last seen on E Olive Way — still wearing the stolen earrings.
  • 20th Ave burglary arrest: Police arrested a man wearing nothing but boots after being called to a 20th Ave housing complex just after 1 AM on January 10th:
    The suspected squatter was booked for investigation of burglary.
  • Malicious harassment: Turns out, the charming suspect at the center of a robbery arrest at a 12th Ave service station on January 6th we noted in a previous blotter update is also being investigated for a hate crime. According to the SPD report on the incident that unfolded as the suspect allegedly stole beer from the quick mart, the man also fired off some incendiary language before his arrest:
    Police knew what to do with him:
  • Shoplifter pulls gun: An incident at the 23rd and Madison Safeway reported on January 23rd shows why employees may not always want to intervene with a suspected shoplifter. Police were called to the store around 12:30 PM to a report that a shoplifting suspect had pulled a gun on an employee as he attempted to leave the area of the store. Police were searching for the truck the armed man used to flee the scene but had no luck, according to East Precinct radio reports.
  • Neumos fire alarm: The Tuesday night set from Swedish hip hop artist Yung Lean was just too hot. Seattle Fire was called to E Pike club Neumos around 10:20 PM after the venue was cleared when the fire alarm went off. SFD units arrived to find a big crowd waiting for them on the street outside but no fire, fortunately, inside the club. Smoke machines reportedly set the alarm system off.

Evacuation of Neumos/Barboza

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3 thoughts on “Blotter | Violent 23rd/Pike street robbery, Harvard Market stairs assault, Neumos fire alarm

  1. The Harvard Market parking lot is private. Can’t they close it or patrol it at night? It seems like every other weekend there’s a problem here. Presumably it’s a gang hangout or a drug market (or both)? Do we still have police in Seattle?

  2. I’m so sorry you had the endure the assault at 23rd & Pike. These a**holes need to keep their hands to themselves, have some respect for their environment, get an education, a job and become a contributing member to society. Until then, if walking alone, carry a very bright flashlight and a can of bear spray with you at night. <3

  3. the Harvard Market owners need to do more to make it a safer area. Even during the daylight hours it”s a very tense shopping experience. People hangout on the stairs and outside the QFC. They refuse to move and get confrontational if you say anything. Why don’t they a security team?