Miskell pleads not guilty in Broadway apartment stabbing attack

Branden Miskell, the 30-year-old Capitol Hill man arrested after police were able to stop a bloody attack on his boyfriend in their Broadway apartment just before midnight January 11th, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder Tuesday morning.

Police say the suspect admitted he was trying to kill his boyfriend after ingesting a large amount of cannabis before the horrific attack.

Police at the scene said it appeared that Miskell was exhibiting signs of excited delirium, a condition of extreme agitation and physical aggression usually associated with heavy drug use.

The 29-year-old victim continues to recover from his injuries in which he was stabbed multiple times with a butcher knife.

According to the police report on the incident, Miskell and the victim moved to Seattle together from Georgia and lived together in the third-floor Lyric building apartment where the attack unfolded.

King County prosecutors say Miskell has no significant criminal history.

Miskell pleaded not guilty Tuesday to first degree attempted murder and first degree assault in the domestic violence case. A schedule for the case has not yet been set. Miskell’s defense attorney said Tuesday that he expects a lengthier legal process for his client due to “the complexity of the case.” Miskell is held on $1 million bail.

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4 thoughts on “Miskell pleads not guilty in Broadway apartment stabbing attack

  1. Did the police test him for drugs other than cannabis? Regardless of whether or not he was under the influence of something, he needs to be tried, convicted, and locked away for many years.

    I wonder how the victim is doing? Hope he’s OK.