Cold, wintry winds rip loose construction scaffolding at 12th and John

(Image: @ShellyShelly via Twitter)

An under construction Capitol Hill microhousing development became one of the city’s centers of attention Sunday as a cold winter storm blew into Seattle and tore loose scaffolding while sending a wall of plastic sheeting into a flapping fit at 12th and John.

Traffic in the area was detoured for hours and the sidewalk closed after the scaffolding came loose and could be seen rocking and swaying in the wind.


There were no reported injuries and it wasn’t immediately clear how much damage was done to the exterior of the four-story, 51-unit project from the Hardy Development Company. A crew was onsite around 9 PM dismantling the loose scaffolding.

Though the winds and the wintry mix on Capitol Hill have subsided, the cold snap is predicted to continue through the week with highs not climbing above the low 40s and morning lows in the 20s through Thursday.

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2 thoughts on “Cold, wintry winds rip loose construction scaffolding at 12th and John

  1. This is an ongoing issue with construction. They fail to secure the wrappings and they become violent in the winds. A real annoyance and here, a safety hazard. Not sure why this is allowed.

    Side note, I’m not sure what classifies this devlopment as micro housing. They are all 1 bedroom, self-contained units – each having a full kitchen, bath and W/D in unit. No shared kitchens, laundry etc. When I hear the word microhousing, I think aPodments.