Blotter | 17th Ave mugging reported, 12th Ave short-term rental party goes bad

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  • 17th Ave mugging: A woman told police she was jumped by a group of teens, punched in the face, and robbed while walking on 17th Ave from Trader Joe’s last Tuesday night. According to the SPD report on the late night incident, the victim said she heard a vehicle pull up behind her and was then suddenly punched by two males who demanded her phone, wrestled her to the ground, and continued the assault. The victim told police she was able to hold onto her phone but the assailants made off with her wallet. The phone was also damaged during the attack. The victim told police the attackers appeared to be two teenage males wearing black clothing and that the vehicle appeared to be a gray or white SUV but she could not provide more details. The victim suffered a cut lip in the attack but declined medical attention.
  • Broadway “crisis” bank robbery: A man suffering an apparent mental crisis was arrested for investigation of attempted bank robbery and the Broadway Chase bank was forced to go into lockdown in a Wednesday morning, April 11th incident. According to police, the suspect did not brandish a weapon but demanded cash from employees — and customers:
    An employee reportedly advised the officer that “the suspect was “Not all there” and “Needs help.” The man was eventually escorted out of the bank by one of the customers. Police contacted him and took the man into custody without incident.”
  • 12th Ave short-term rental party: A Capitol Hill building owner regretted his decision to allow a short-term rental tenant to book a unit in his 12th Ave E building. According to the police report on the April 16th incident, SPD was called to the building by the owner after a night of debauchery that left stains and damaged furniture — and a thick haze of marijuana smoke in the air. According to the owner, the rental was supposed to be for only one occupant but security video showed “multiple unknown people entering the building.” Surveillance also showed some of those people unsuccessfully trying to rip an iPad off the wall. But the worst part for the owner in the end was that his building now “absolutely wreaked of marijuana smoke.” “He told me that when he arrived this morning the apartment was still hazy from the smoke in the air,” the reporting officer notes. “He had been airing it out since early this morning and at 6pm in the evening the unit still was stomach turning overpowering.”
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12 thoughts on “Blotter | 17th Ave mugging reported, 12th Ave short-term rental party goes bad

  1. Oh please get the fainting sofa out .. These young hooligans were smoking the devils weed in my unit!

    Its legal so if he didn’t specify “non smoking unit” guess he’ll have to get over it

    • Re: AirbNb
      These units help the owner NOT have to raise rents on tenants as taxes on all things skyrocket.
      The building is no smoking, that’s clear to all and also specified in AirbNb contract.
      Yes there are security cameras in the public areas.
      iPad is mounted for tenants use (music stream) in public area.
      Probably 15-20 people came through via this hooligan, they are on camera, and likely used a stolen CC (speculating).
      The behavior seen on camera is what makes some racially profile.

  2. Sucks for the landlord, but- Did he have security cameras in the living area? How would he have footage of the occupant trying to rip the iPad off the wall? I’m assuming the iPad wasn’t on the outside of the building. If this was an air b’n’b unit I sure hope there were no cameras inside, or that I’m misreading this.

  3. “Night” could reasonably mean about 6 to 10pm. So your conclusion has been made without enough information. I would still like to know the actual time from the original poster. I cannot locate the incident on the SPD blotter site. Including actual time is relevant in a blotter report as it helps me consider my choices.

  4. Tenants? I thought they were nightly “guests”? You know like a hotel although in this case they are completely unsupervised unlike a hotel. And as far as rents and costs in the neighborhood these units can be worth 3 grand a month and some much more. AIRBNB IS increasing the price per square foot rental cost for everyone else trying to live on the hill full time.

    “Sharing economy” what a deceptive term.

    I’m sure the neighbors love him!

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