CHS Pics | An excellent Capitol Hill Art Walk illustration: Cafe Pettirosso staff show

Isabela Garcia

CHS has highlighted the artful talents of Pike/Pine’s bar and restaurant workers before — most recently with a stop at Hot Mama’sthe funniest pizza joint on Capitol Hill — but Thursday night, Cafe Pettirosso took things up a level at hosted a special Capitol Hill Art Walk showing featuring the work of some of its in-house artists:

  • Isabela Garcia: “a photo series of Intimate portraits based on the independence of her femininity”
  • Codyak Dunham: “mix media paintings with a theme exploration of the self”
  • Megan Ashley: “a collection of ceramic work both functional and decorative”
  • Phanny Pussoir: “mix media sculptures themed around vinyl records”

With support from the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, the monthly “second Thursday” event persists even as it has moved out of the few remaining galleries and onto the neighborhood’s cafe, bar, and restaurant walls, and into its events and performance spaces.

In 2015, there was a new injection of energy and a little cash thanks to an unholy alliance of neighborhood cultural powerhouses The Stranger, Capitol Hill Block Party, and Starbucks but the monthly event, as Thursday night’s show at 11th Ave’s Pettirosso illustrated, mostly hums along thanks to the efforts of local merchants and staff.

You have an entire month to get ready for the next art walk. Learn more at

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