CHS Pics | Seattle March for Science champions ‘underrepresented voices’

The March for Science returned to the streets of Capitol Hill this weekend with a focus on the underrepresented voices in its call for evidence-based policies in Washington D.C.

“We also can’t understate the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences in science,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal said before calling out a roster of those voices. “How many know about Mamie Phillips Clark, the first black woman to earn a doctoral degree from Columbia, whose research on racism was vital to the Brown v. Board of Education decision?”

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, also took the rally stage at drizzly Cal Anderson Park before the march down E Pine toward Seattle Center. “We cannot make decisions unless we know the truth,” she said. “And we know the facts. And we agree to a basis of fact.”

Pelosi also got an earful from a few in the crowd about the weekend’s missile attacks on Syria. The congresswoman has condemned the bombings saying the president is misusing a 2001 congressional measure authorizing the use of force against terrorists. A massive security presence was on hand Saturday with the appearance of Pelosi and Jayapal.

Saturday’s march was the latest Seattle protest to put Cal Anderson to use as a rally and starting point following the 2018 Women’s March in January and last month’s March for Our Lives event calling for gun control reform. CHS is not aware of any additional “free speech” events planned for the space until summer’s line-up of Pride events and rallies.

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One thought on “CHS Pics | Seattle March for Science champions ‘underrepresented voices’

  1. “From the women’s march to the #MarchForOurLives to today’s tax marches and #MarchForScience we are growing the movement that will turn out in November to take back our country…”

    …and give it back to the neo-liberals whose decades of misrule gave us Trump in the first place.