Man arrested after barrier rammed outside E Madison Planned Parenthood, assault at nearby store

Police interview a witness outside the E Madison Planned Parenthood Wednesday morning (Image: CHS)

Police took a man into custody Wednesday morning who appeared to be high on drugs and experiencing a mental crisis after he reportedly rammed his car into a barrier outside the E Madison Planned Parenthood, crashed into cars on nearby streets, and seriously injured a man he attacked inside the nearby Safeway.

According to East Precinct radio dispatches, staff at Planned Parenthood initiated security protocols at the E Madison facility after the crash around 9:30 AM. The building was not damaged by the crash but barriers were smashed in the collision.

The suspect was taken into custody after assaulting a man inside a nearby Safeway following the crash. The victim was believed to have suffered a possible broken facial bone in the attack, according to preliminary reports.

According to East Precinct radio, the suspect appeared to be showing signs of excited delirium, agitation that can result in violence and extreme strength associated with drug use or mental crisis.

SPD tells us they will be releasing more information about the incident.

UPDATE 2:50 PM: Police have posted their preliminary report on the incident:

Officers began receiving reports of a hit and run collision in the 2100 block of East Pine Street at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. Witnesses said that a silver Acura had struck a Volkswagon Karmann Ghia and driven away from the scene. A few minutes later, occupants of a building in the 2000 block of East Madison Street called 911 to report the same suspect car had just flattened a concrete bollard and struck a tree before coming to a rest just outside the front windows. The witnesses said that a man exited the now disabled car and walked to a grocery store next door. No one inside the building reported any injuries. Employees of the grocery store then called 911 to report that two of their employees had just been assaulted by the driver of the Acura. The suspect then locked himself inside of the manager’s office where he was taken into custody by officers. Seattle Fire Department Medics checked on one of the employees, a 42-year-old man, who had injuries to his face, jaw, mouth and a chipped tooth. The second victim, a 55-year-old man, did not report any injuries.

Police say they booked the suspect into King County Jail for investigation of assault and malicious mischief for the property damage and “will work with the Prosecutor’s Office as this case moves forward.”

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2 thoughts on “Man arrested after barrier rammed outside E Madison Planned Parenthood, assault at nearby store

  1. Mental crises do tend to happen when you ingest Spice, K2, crack, meth or any one of the many cheap, synthetic drugs available out there these days.

    Court and Jail records show this long-time violent felon got out of a short stay in jail for malicious harassment, trespassing and assault only two weeks ago, with a hearing coming up April 30. His family has also filed multiple protection orders against him.

    But since this is Seattle / King County, I’m sure he will be out wreaking havoc on society again soon.

    Hope the Karmann Ghia survived.

    • And of course you are also actively advocating or even campaigning for justice reform and additional access to mental and addiction services and not just hand-wringing on a neighborhood blog…right Andy?

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