Man reported stabbed in chest in massive E Pike melee

The Memorial Day weekend got off to a violent start on Capitol Hill early Saturday morning after a man was stabbed in the chest in the middle of a melee that closed E Pike and put a handful of East Precinct police officers in a tense standoff with a massive crowd.

Police rushed to the area of E Pike between 10th and Broadway just after last call and found a crowd of reportedly hundreds, an adult male bleeding after being stabbed in the chest during the fight, and several people fleeing the area. One male suspect was chased down in the 1500 block of Broadway and taken into custody. A knife was recovered at the scene of the arrest, according to East Precinct radio dispatches.

The tense scene on E Pike as Seattle Fire was called to the stabbing left a few responding officers trying to deal with the large and increasingly agitated crowd reported as “several hundred hostile” by police radio. Officers gave the crowd an order to disperse and a “fast backup” call went out to dispatch available officers from across the city to come to help control the scene on E Pike. “I need more than a couple,” one officer told radio dispatch. “I’m going to make this clear. Give me some assistance here.”

Seattle Fire arrived to treat the male victim and transport him to Harborview. We do not have further information on his condition at this time.

E Pike remained closed to traffic during the medical response and as police collected evidence and witness statements at the scene.

UPDATE: Here is SPD’s report on the incident which notes that even the suspect struggled with police as they applied a life-saving tourniquet:

Officers arrested a man after a stabbing in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood early Saturday morning. East Precinct bike officers monitoring 2 a.m. bar closing in the 900 block of East Pike street witnessed a fight between several dozen people break out Saturday. The officers went to intervene and a group of people scattered, but not before a man was left in the street with a stab wound to the arm that caused an arterial bleed. The victim struggled with officers who were eventually able to apply a tourniquet and stop the bleeding. Officers had to move a large group of people that had gathered and was delaying the arrival of Seattle Fire Department Medics. Officers issued a dispersal order to the crowd so that firefighters could transport the victim who had become unconscious. Medics were eventually able to transport the man to Harborview Medical Center in stable condition. An officer in the area spotted a man trying to exit the crowd while attempting to conceal a knife. Officers took the suspect into custody less than a hundred yards away but not before he punched and kicked officers in the head and chest. Officers recovered the knife which the suspect attempted to throw into a nearby bush. The suspect later admitted to officers that he had stabbed the victim. Officers booked the suspect into King County Jail for investigation of assault.

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9 thoughts on “Man reported stabbed in chest in massive E Pike melee

  1. Pike and Broadway is sketchy at 2pm these days, I avoid it like plague after dark.

    While I appreciate the police response and glad they apprehended someone, it’d be great if they could be more proactive on this corner and get it under control.

  2. I would be pissed off and violent, too, if I had to go back to my boring life in Maple Valley after a Friday night in the city. Stay classy, bridge and tunnel crowd!

  3. I remember back in the 90’s when Broadway between John and Roy got rough like Pike st at night. SPD put pairs of officers on foot patrol and that put a stop to the violence pronto.

  4. Even here in the north end, an officer in need of assistance call tends to bring a dozen or so cop cars there very quickly. Saw that on 45th a while back.

  5. So, now even stabbing victims are fighting with police and others trying to save their lives? There’s a special place in hell waiting for that guy.

    Thank the anti-police & anti-jail loons for fostering this new reality. And thank greedy bar & club owners for over-serving hundreds of dumb kids.

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