Student arrested for Seattle U shooting threat — UPDATE

In the hours after the nation began learning of yet another deadly school shooting, Seattle Police arrested a Seattle University student over an allegation the 21-year-old had made threats to shoot students and teachers and caused his classroom to flee last Friday at the campus on the southern edge of Capitol Hill. UPDATE: The suspect has been charged. Bryson Morgan faces a charge of felony harassment. More details in the update at the bottom of this report.

“It would be easy to kill everyone,” the suspect allegedly told another student during a field trip a week earlier as he also listed a long roster of illegal drugs he had used, according to the SPD report on the incident. Then, Friday morning just hours after news of the Texas shooting, the suspect reportedly arrived at class frustrated, nervous about the test the class was about to take, and angry that he had to watch “communist bullshit videos” as homework.

“I could kill everyone,” the suspect allegedly said and began describing firearms and how he would use them.

According to police, students became “very alarmed” and the professor was notified of the situation. “The classroom self-evacuated” due to the suspect’s statements, police say.

After being contacted by campus security and told the 21-year-old was suffering from recent mental health issues, police began searching campus for the suspect but could not locate him and did not have his home address. After police attempted to check a family member’s home, the suspect reportedly answered his phone and agreed to meet with police at the East Precinct. There, police say he was taken into custody.

According to police, the suspect told officers he had been joking about the shooting.

CHS is not naming the suspect as he has not been charged. The SPD investigation continues but at this time there is no information about whether the suspect had access to a firearm.

He was booked into King County Jail for investigation of felony harassment and is currently held on $20,000 bail, according to jail records.

UPDATE 5/24/2018: Morgan has been charged and was released on bail Wednesday night, according to jail records, and is now subject to an Extreme Risk Protection Order, according to court documents filed Wednesday. In petitioning for the restriction on the suspect’s contact with the university and prohibiting him from accessing firearms, Seattle Police cited the threats reportedly made at the school and a purchase of a “long rifle” by the suspect two years ago. The suspect’s mother told police her son suffers from depression and a host of mental disabilities and that she made the suspect’s father keep the gun after it was purchased as “it was unacceptable to have at her house,” police write.


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2 thoughts on “Student arrested for Seattle U shooting threat — UPDATE

  1. So, this unhinged moron complains about a commie influence in his school. The Houston shooter’s Instagram feed was exclusively Trump and pro-gun handles. Las Vegas shooter was a hardcore 2nd Amendment advocate. And the Florida shooter posed with his MAGA hat.

    Yup – sounds like a “morals and values” problem to me.

    • Face palms..
      Seattle U is a Jesuit institution even… the “commie influence” at his school is – um religion…

      I’m guessing – I’m not claiming to be particularly knowledgeable as to the particulars of Jesuit belief – but have an notion that it’s pretty liberal as religions go – it’s just practiced in a way that I guess was unfamiliar and unwelcome to him. Rather than teaching him all about the people he’s supposed to judge and revile, they’ve apparently decided to embrace the help the less fortunate aspect…

      Shoulda read that page on the Wiki about Jesuits before assuming that a religious college would be a “safe space”…