CHS Pics | All dogs are good dogs at fourth annual First Hill Fidos

Now in its fourth year, First Hill Fidos filled the park with furry friends and their fans Thursday night. As the doggos marked their territory in our hearts, neighbors met each other for the first time, and some new friends were made in the process.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Alex Hudson and the First Hill Improvement Association, First Hill Fidos brings a little activity to an otherwise mostly quiet First Hill Park. “It’s like that classic Seattle joke, people say hi to the dog but they won’t say hi to a person,“ Hudson tells CHS, “This is a way to break that a little bit. There’s such a community of dog people, and providing them an opportunity to get together and meet each other. Plus, it’s cute as hell.”

With more than 25 canine entries and close to 50 human companions, First Hill Park was a den of activity.

Four-time emcee of First Hill Fidos Hanna Brooks Olsen hosted the event. “When I used to live in the neighborhood, I really liked it because I got to know my neighbors and not just their dogs… it’s such a good way to help neighbors meet each other,” she said. “First Hill Park is a really incredible little patch of green in a very urban neighborhood and this is such a good way to activate it.”.

Of the 25 entries, only four were crowned victorious. The award for cutest went to Kai, a 3-month-old Bull Terrier puppy who showed no fear in meeting new members of his pack. Best trick went to Diego the pug who could balance an egg on his face folds and is super popular on Instagram, we’re told. Best costume was close between Waldo and Aurora but the Cowardly Lion Alaskan Malamute won the crowd over. To top it off, Odin, the sweetest pit bull, won best in show.

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