Woman reports gunpoint street robbery near 17th and Madison

A woman told police she was pushed to the ground and robbed at gunpoint in an incident early Tuesday morning near the 1700 block of E Madison.

Seattle Police responded to the reported armed robbery around 1:50 AM where the victim said she had been robbed on the street about 20 minutes prior. The victim told police two male suspects held her up at gunpoint and shoved her during the robbery before fleeing in a black four-door car. The two suspects were described as in their teens or early 20s with hoodies covering their faces.

According to East Precinct radio reports, police searched the area but there were no immediate arrests and they were unable to track the victim’s phone. There were no reported serious injuries in the hold-up.


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7 thoughts on “Woman reports gunpoint street robbery near 17th and Madison

  1. There was another gunpoint robbery by that same Shell station a week ago, and the area immediately around it has become really shitty with a large encampment and litter everywhere. If I recall correctly there was also a tire-slashing spree on the block last week. Police really need to step up presence and get the area under control before the school season starts.

  2. I live around the corner and there is no large encampment. I have not noticed any marked increase in litter compared to the usual. Also, since many residents in my building suffer from Next Door syndrome, a condition whose symptoms include wanton sharing of sensational local information without any effort to confirm its veracity, I find it hard to believe that there was a tire-slashing spree that I didn’t hear about.

      • The building with the satellite dishes on its roof. I thought it was CenturyLink. They always have their vans parked there when I walk by.

      • There’s a chance that “Ace” is really Harley Lever from Safe Seattle. He has been known to troll/sockpuppet neighborhood blogs to constantly peddle his sensationalist, false claims that Seattle has become a homeless dystopian shithole and Ace’s frequent commenting on CHS seems to fit the profile.

        The counterargument that Ace isn’t Harley is the fact that Ace actually bothered to respond when refuted. Harley tends to just ad hom those that try to refute his false claims.